How to Do Eyeliner According to Your Eye Shape

Listen, doing makeup is hard.

I live life through this fake-it-till-you-make-it mentality, but when it comes to makeup, you can't do that. You actually have to know what you're doing.

One of the things I was never any good at, but always wished I was, is swiping some eyeliner across my eyelids.

I always figured everyone did their eyeliner the same way, however that's not the case. To get the perfect winged eye look, you have to do your eyeliner based on what works best for your eye shape.

Feeling totally lost, I enlisted the help of makeup artist Andrea Mendoza. She's the lovely lady who beautifully transformed my coworker Brittney and me into our fave princesses with her makeup skills.

Andi provided me with a handy-dandy chart containing examples of the various eye shapes. In this moment I realized I had downturned eyes.

The different eye shapes in one chart

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)

Next, she told me just how to do my eyeliner and my life was changed for the better. Andi didn't just lay out steps for only downturned eyes. Nope, she did it for every eye shape. What can I say except you're welcome?

Keep scrolling to see how you should do your eyeliner once you discover your eye shape, so we can master the cat eye together.

Upturned Eyes

"Use a thin line with a little wing. Also, connect the wing to a little liner under the eye," Andi says.

Winged eyeliner done on upturned eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


Downturned Eyes

"You want the eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye thinner and outer corner thicker," she shares. "You want to extend your wing a little past your eye shape and angle it upwards to lift your eye."

Winged eyeliner done on downturned eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


Almond Eyes

"Apply any even shape eyeliner you desire," Andi notes. "With almond eyes you could wear any type of liner—thin, thick, wing or not. Almond eyes are the easiest eyes to use eyeliner on."

Winged eyeliner done on almond eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


Monolid Eyes

"Apply a thick line using your eyeliner until you see a beautiful line when your eyes are open," she says. "When you look down, the liner will look thick. When you open your eyes, it will show a perfect eyeliner shape."

Winged eyeliner done on monolid eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


Round Eyes

"To elongate your eyes, you want to create a triangle shape," Andi mentions. "This will give you more of a cat eye look."

Winged eyeliner done on a girl with round eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


Hooded Eyes

"You want the eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye thinner and outer corner thicker similar to the downturned eyes," she said. "Then extend your wing a little past your eye shape."

Winged eyeliner done on a girl with hooded eyes

(Courtesy of Andrea Mendoza)


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