No secret, but we’re so ready to welcome in autumnal tones and textures, especially when it comes to beauty!

Lips get darker, eyes get smokier, sweaters get cozier and the glitter starts to pile on for holiday season. Our fave way to transition into these deeper hues is with copper. It’s super flattering on all skin tones (yes, that means you) and is the perfect way to dress up a matte makeup look. And if you’ve got light or hazel eyes, copper is one of the best ways to make ’em stand out!

All Over Monochrome

Dip into the copper eyeshadow trend by using it just how you use your go-to neutral, by spreading it all over the lid. This is a great daytime look that provides the perfect little pop.


Sunset Copper

One scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to spot a beauty blogger rocking sunset eyeshadow lids. The color stories range from orange to fuchsia, but our fave take on the trend is with glistening coppery hues. This is definitely for someone who has mad makeup skills and likes to show them off. Check out the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette for all the sunset shades.


Dramatic Drop Shadow

Ah, the dramatic drop shadow. This technique is great if you like to skip out on liner but still want to rim your eyes to make them stand out! All you have to do is sweep some copper underneath your lower lash line. You can wear the drop shadow solo or apply some on top for an even bolder look.


Smokey Eye Accents

Can’t quit your smokey eye? Then add your copper in to breathe life into your black, gray and brown shadows. Use it on the middle of your lid by the lash line to make your eyes sparkle, or use it to blend out your smokey eye for a soft, seasonal look.

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Brilliant Copper Lids

Feel like just going for it? Then look for a super pigmented copper eyeshadow, like Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette, and pack it onto your lids! The look works best with clean skin and groomed brows, really letting the shadow shine.

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Super Subtle Copper

Not a huge eyeshadow gal? Then just a little copper dusting around the eyes should do the trick. Copper is soft and flattering, so it will just give the illusions that you’re super rested and refreshed, even if you’re not.

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