As avid makeup lovers, it’s safe to say we’ve tried out a lot of products over the years.

From lipsticks, to eyebrow gels, to concealers and more, there are so many products out there, that choosing the right one can get pretty overwhelming. We’re willing to bet you’ve tried all the big brands—Urban Decay, MAC, Tarte… you name it. But have you ever ventured into the indie space? Trust us when we say it does not disappoint.

Keep reading for the five eyeshadow palettes from indie beauty brands that you need to know:

1. IBY Beauty Desert Vibes Eyeshadow Palette: $20

IBY Beauty took Rosehip Seed Oil and Coachella, and made a baby out of it. The end result is an array of intense, blendable and seriously beautiful shades. The colors included remind us of a west coast sunset and would look beautiful on all skin tones. Our absolute favorite shade is Make Out Sesh. Not only does it have a cute name, but it’s the perfect amount of cute and pizazz.

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2. C’est Moi Envision Eyeshadow Palette: $17

If you’re on the lookout for a go-to eyeshadow palette that will fulfill all of your wants and needs, look no further, because C’est Moi has you covered. Their neutral tones are perfect for everyday use, meaning it’ll become your new fave. We’re especially obsessed with the color “grace.” Even though it’s a pretty plain color, it looks great with all shades.

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3. Luna Magic UO Eyeshadow Palette: $26

Certain occasions call for super pigmented eyeshadows, which is where this palette comes into play. With an array of colors to  choose from, the world is honestly at your fingertips. We love how there’s a differentiation between the shades, leaving lots of room for innovation when it comes to creating colors.

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4. HipDot Bikini Bottom Eyeshadow Palette: $36

When you think of Spongebob, you likely think of underwater colors, fish and of course, Bikini Bottom. All of this can be seen in HipDot’s Spongebob palette. From glorious pinks, yellows and the like, there isn’t a color combination that can’t be created. This palette is definitely our go-to in terms of high-pigmented, colorful situations.

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5. Mood Editing Cosmetics Narcissistic Eyeshadow Palette: $40

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, we can honestly never have enough. At the moment, we’re especially drawn to these colors by Mood Editing. The shades are great for not only every day usage, but can be mixed up with other colors, as well!

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