4 Perfectly Shimmery Shadows for All Your Holiday Events This Year

Nothing can make an outfit festive in a flash quite like a sparkly eyeshadow can.

Looking to dazzle at your next event, but not necessarily in the market for a closet overhaul? Check out the best shimmery shadows to wear, depending on the festive occasion.

girl in makeup against holiday backdrop

(via Unsplash)

As a Date to your Crush's Holiday Party

Walking the fine line between being the guest with the cool makeup and being the guest everybody remembers because of their makeup isn't easy. Pick a palette with shimmery but neutral tones like this one by celeb makeup pro Charlotte Tilbury. These festive but laid-back tones are perfect for a crush's party.

eyeshadow palette(via Charlotte Tilbury)


As a Guest at Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner

Families don't tend to agree on everything, your unique makeup looks included. This palette won't ruffle any feathers during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, thanks to the way the brand expertly pairs glimmering metallics with matte neutrals. Put on your favorite shimmering shadow from this case with the corresponding neutral to achieve a look that all your extended relatives will agree on.

eyeshadow palette

(via collabmakeup.com)


As a Guest at a Friendsgiving or Other Holiday Event With Friends

The one gathering you can really experiment with looks is Friendsgiving. Who other than your friends will agree on your cool new eyeshadow, or give you pointers on how to better recreate that look next time? When you encounter one of these freeing events, you need Lancôme's palette in your makeup bag. The kit has everything from the sparkliest black eyeshadow to the boldest gold. Grab your makeup brushes and go wild! There are no limitations to how many unique looks you can come up with.


shimmering eye shadow palette

(via Lancôme)


As an Attendee at a School Holiday Celebration

Wearing heavy makeup for daytime school functions isn't recommended, but this multi-dimensional eyeshadow most certainly is! If you list "glitter" as your favorite color, then this is for you. The pink hue is subtle for day wear, but shimmery enough to create a festive look. Pair a quick swipe of this with mascara and you'll be out the door for your school soiree in no time!

pink glitter eyeshadow(via Innisfree)


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