12 Halloween Costume Ideas That Creatively Incorporate a Face Mask

If you're anything like us, you want to look great in your Halloween costume this year without compromising either your safety or your aesthetic.

That's why it's pretty much a given that our costume is going to be one with some kind of face mask attached. Whether the character wears a mask themselves, or masks enable us to wear their faces, face masks are actually a great way to easily put on a look. In fact, they might become a permanent Halloween fixture for us.

On the lookout for a costume that's as stunning as it is safe? Keep scrolling to discover a dozen ideas that are all about the look and the mask.

Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus's Sanderson Sisters is a classic Halloween film scoundrel, and we love the way that this mask  by CassyTopShop on Etsy turns anyone into her in an instant. The nose and mouth are so identifiable—and best of all the mask is only $5.

Etsy CassysTopShop Winifred Sanderson mask

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Chances are that you're going to be seeing a lot of doctors this Halloween, but even if it's not the most original idea, we still like it. After all, doctors deserve all of the recognition they can get for their hard work—especially in the middle of a pandemic. By staying masked, you're doing them a huge favor. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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The Winter Soldier

A face covering is an essential part of the Winter Soldier's dangerous ensemble, so whether you're going all out with an entire cosplay or just winging it with a smokey eye look, you're going to need a dark mask for hiding your face. We know if you bring this Marvel character to life, you're definitely going to be turning some heads.

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Facehugger Victim

Looking for a really scary mask to wear this Halloween? Look no further than a Xenomorph facehugger mask based on the Alien film franchise. These masks make it look like a baby has firmly attached in order to lay its egg, and we can think of few things more frightening. Best of all? You don't really have to wear anything else in particular to make this look work.

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Immortan Joe

Mad Max: Fury Road is a life-changing, action-packed movie with a great feminist message, and while the butt-kicking Imperator Furiosa doesn't wear a mask, her great adversary, the evil Immortan Joe, absolutely does. This unique mask is instantly recognizable, even without the other elements of his one-of-a-kind ensemble.



Anyone who's been keeping up with My Hero Academia will know that fan-favorite character Shinsou has started wearing a device called Artificial Vocal Cords in order to enhance his quirk, which allows him to manipulate people's actions when they reply to him. The mask can be recreated without too much effort, while the UA uniform and wild hair really sell the look.

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The terrifying Watchmen anti hero is best known for his shift black and white mask, resembling an inkblot test. This mask is heat-activated so it changes with your breath.

it's available on Etsy shop crAFtyGA

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Darth Vader

We're starting to see a villainous pattern emerge here, but just because it's the baddies who tend to wear masks, doesn't mean you won't be a hero by wearing one! We love this slightly minimalist Darth Vader mask. Pair it with a black hoodie, and you've already got yourself the makings of a simple and comfy costume.

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Boba Fett

And Vader isn't the only Star Wars icon that can be brought to life this Halloween through a masked costume. A Boba Fett mask is just as recognizable, yet subtle. You could even wear something similar and tote around a Baby Yoda to go as the Mandalorian, instead.

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Hannibal Lecter

This is the last villain on this list—we promise! Hannibal Lecter is one of film's most beloved baddies, and the simple mask evokes his image in an instant. If people are terrified and steer clear, you don't have to keep reminding them about practicing social distancing.

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We're back to the lighter options on this list, and who's cuter and cuddlier than Pikachu? This electric-type Pokémon is one of the best-known characters on the face of the earth, and by simply wearing yellow from head to toe while donning this mask, everyone will know who you are.

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Remember when Miles Morales said, "Anyone can wear the mask" in Into the Spider-Verse? That includes you. A Spiderman mask is the perfect complement to your super costume, and best of all, you can be any spider-person you want on Halloween. Don't be afraid to proudly make this one your own.

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