If Your Face Mist Contains THIS Ingredient, You Need to Stop Using It

We love a good face mist to hydrate and tone the skin, but what if we told you there might be an ingredient in your product that's actually doing the exact opposite?

Face mists serve many purposes in a skincare routine. Depending on their hero ingredients, they can be used after cleansing to balance and tone skin prior to serums, and can cater to an array of concerns from redness to calming. They're also widely used to refresh makeup throughout the day, as well as help remove makeup.

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But the one ingredient that can make face mists wreak havoc on your face? Alcohol. Now before you start tossing all your face masks, please note that not all alcohol on an ingredient label is created equal. There are ingredients called fatty alcohols which are non-irritating and have awesome skin benefits. On an ingredient label they are cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol—all of which are good ingredients for dry skin.

The not so good alcohols that you want to steer clear from are: SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, or, less often, isopropyl alcohol. These volatile alcohols give products that quick-dry finish, immediately degrease and matteify, and feel weightless on skin, so it's easy to see their appeal, especially for those with oily skin. The consequences of using mists and other skincare products with alcohol include dryness, erosion of the skin's surface, and a strain on how skin replenishes, renews, and rejuvenates itself.

So before you mist, double-check that you're misting your way to healthier, more hydrated skin by choosing from our faves below.

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