5 Things That Always Annoy Us on Facebook

Ah, Facebook.

There are so many things to love, from your crush liking your profile pic, to your BFF posting a super cute #tbt photo.

But for all the good, there's plenty causing our eyes to roll. Keep scrolling for five things that annoy us on Facebook!

That Person Who Doesn't Understand How to Use It

We love our grandparents, but chances are you've got someone in your friends list (*cough cough*) who just doesn't understand how Facebook works. They might use the comment section of your cover photo to list all your upcoming Thanksgiving plans, or perhaps they sign every message with their name.

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Our Inbox Flooding With Game Invites

We all have that one friend or stay-at-home relative who sends constant invites to Facebook games we'll never play. When you log on and see the notification, you hope it's a "like" on your most recent photo, but nope, you're disappointed to find it's none other than Candy Crush.

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Accidentally Liking a Pic of Someone We're Stalking

When we're 200 pics deep in a stalking sesh, the last thing we want to happen is liking one of that person's pics. Even if we unlike it as fast as we can, we know they'll still get the notification and they'll see we've been stalking.

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No Likes on Our Photo

We spend hours taking the perfect selfie and carefully editing it, only to post it and get no comments or likes. What gives? We need to be more mindful about posting during prime Facebook hours to get the most attention.

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Clickbait Articles

You're scrolling through your feed, but instead of cute pics of puppies and funny memes, all you get are weird websites trying to get you to go to their site. How about no?

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