A Definitive Ranking of 10 Facial Beauty Treatments, From Least to Most Painful

You've heard it before: Beauty is pain.

While I don't necessarily believe that all beauty should be painful, there are definitely a few treatments—especially those that focus on the sensitive skin on the face—that definitely have me saying "ouch!"

Since I enjoy wallowing in my suffering, I decided to organize my favorite facial beauty treatments from least to most painful. Take a look at my definitive ranking below:

10. Getting Your Makeup Done

Obviously getting your makeup done by a professional comes in 10th in terms of the pain of facial beauty treatment rankings. There's really no agony involved—at the most it's just a slight discomfort with someone putting things close to your eyes.

Makeup Brushes and Cosmetics

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9. Face Mask

Much like getting your makeup done, there's really no pain involved in a regular old face mask. They don't always feel awesome once they've dried and you're just sitting there unable to move your face, but they really don't hurt or cause any real discomfort.


8. Dermaplane

Dermaplaning is the process of removing peach fuzz and dead skin off the surface of your face using a gentle blade made solely for this process. With a description like that, it definitely sounds like it would rank pretty high in the pain department, but it's actually painless. With just a few gentle glides across the face, your skin is left healthy and glowing, and you surprisingly barely feel a thing!


7. Facial

In general, facials aren't really that painful. They're often pretty relaxing and a nice way to take care of your skin by making someone else put all the effort in. However, they can start to hurt a little if you need to do some deep-cleaning of your pores. Extractions specifically aren't the most comfortable thing in the world, giving facials an overall ranking of 7 in the pain department.

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6. Peel-Off Mask

This is where things get a bit tricky. I'll admit that my skin is a little more sensitive than most, so peel-off masks are a definite and resounding no from me. I've only tried two or three in my whole life, and each time I had to sit there for a solid 30 minutes gently easing the painful material away from my aching pores. The pain was manageable, but definitely not something I'd want to repeat. I'll stick to my washable face masks, thank you.


5. Microblading

If you haven't heard of microblading, it's basically the new and improved way to tattoo picture-perfect eyebrows. However, instead of one long line that always ends up looking a little (ahem, a lot) too fake, microblading does numerous tiny strokes that mimic individual strands of hair.

The result is usually awesome, but again—it's a tattoo. If you have any fear of needles or pain in general, stay away from microblading. But oftentimes the skin is numbed so only the most sensitive among us feel anything at all. It might not be the worst pain you ever experienced, but there's a high chance you'll feel some discomfort.


4. Laser Hair Removal

Another treatment that will vary in pain depending on your skin, laser hair removal can either feel like nothing is happening, or like someone is quickly smacking a rubber band against your face over and over again. For those of us with sensitive skin, it's not a great procedure. But it's still less painful than waxing and the results last much longer, so this is pain you'll potentially be able to handle.

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3. Waxing

I've been waxing my brow and lip since I was 14 years old, and it's never stopped hurting. Some areas are more manageable than others, but the treatment is always painful. After all, someone is applying hot wax to your face and ripping it off with a tiny piece of fabric—there's nothing in that description that sounds comforting if you're searching for a painless beauty treatment.


2. Plucking Hairs

As mentioned above, I've been waxing my eyebrows since I was 14 years old, mostly because plucking is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced. I have very fine hairs that are difficult to even grasp with a tweezer, and each one seems to individually scream in pain every time I pull them out. It takes five times as long as waxing, and each individual hair produces the same pain as one waxing strip being pulled off. Give me hot wax and a tiny piece of fabric over a pair of tweezers any day of the week.


1. Threading

Threading has really gained popularity over the years because it's supposed to be much better for your skin and it eliminates the worry of ripping off a layer of skin along with the hot wax. However, threading is by far the most painful beauty treatment I have ever experienced.

It might be my sensitive skin coming into play again, but it was like the pain of tweezing, only much, much worse. It's basically like ripping out each hair individually but somehow it hurts even more? Not even sure why it's so painful, but I tried threading a single time and it was one too many.


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