Get to Know Musical Sister Duo Facing West Better Than Ever

As you know, we're all about discovering fresh female talent, so it's no surprise that the ladies of Facing West are our crush of the week.

Get to know the girls and their music below:


(Photo credit: Tim Powell)

Full Names: Caitlin & Sidney Powell

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Birthdays: Oct. 5 (Caitlin), Sept. 29 (Sidney)

Zodiac Signs: Libra

Fun Facts:

1. The girls love traveling and being outdoors. If they could pick anywhere in the world to go, they'd head straight for the library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, because they're huge bookworms.

Decided to hike up a mountain, clear our heads and hang out by a glacier!! #itsswinter #mountainlife

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2. Their go-to pizza is meat lover's. "We have also had a few incredible mac and cheese pizzas in our day," they tell Sweety High.

3. They do crazy things like snowboard while playing the ukulele. One of the scariest things they've ever done was snowboard their first black diamond hill.

4. Their most recent binge was season seven of Game of Thrones. They even managed to do it in one day. We can only imagine the strength of their Netflix game.

5. Caitlin's favorite food is sweet potato fries, while Sidney's is any kind of bacon cheeseburger.

6. There's nothing they love more than doing #musicmonday posts and livestreaming with fans. "We absolutely love getting to hear about where everyone is from and we love to think about the fact that music brought us all together," they gush.

7. If they could live in another time, Sidney would choose the middle ages to learn how to joust. Caitlin thinks there's no time like the present: "Between Wi-Fi, Netflix and Spotify, life is looking pretty good!"

Now that you've gotten to know these fabulous ladies, check out their newest single "Messed Up Masterpiece" HERE.


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