5 Surprisingly Easy Steps to Applying Fake Eyelashes

Lashes are a girl's best friend, well… sometimes.

Getting your falsies on can be a mission, but don't get discouraged, because we're going to help you get those bad boys on without breaking a sweat (yes, it's possible). Those who have tried know it can be no small feat, especially if you're not exactly skilled in the beauty department.

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Who wants crooked lashes with lifted edges? Ugh, it's the worst. Whether you want a full-volume, fluffy or wispy look, you'll love the end results by trying out the following five solid tips before and during your application:

1. Trim the Edges to Make Them Fit Perfectly

Be careful with this part, because one little snip may be your last. It's all about measuring the length of your real lashes and matching it with the false ones so you get a seamless finish. Your eyes will look different sizes and shapes—especially in pictures—if you skip this step, so take the time to make it right.


2. Curl Your Lashes

This right here is a game changer. By curling your natural lashes until they look voluminous, you're giving the falsies something to sit on. It may be difficult at first to set them on, but you'll get it over time. In case you don't want to put mascara on the fake lashes, this will give you the desired look without adding more makeup.


3. Let the Glue Get Tacky

It's not a bad idea to let the adhesive sit for a good thirty seconds before applying the falsies to your natural lashes. This allows it to dry a bit before setting, which looks so much better in the end. It prevents your lashes from sliding around, and also hides that oh-so-noticeable layer of glue.


4. Set From the Inside to the Outside

This may seem obvious, but if you start setting from the inside of your eye (closer to your nose) it will give you the perfect amount of volume and avoid that awkward final look. Start where your natural lashes are and slowly push down using your fingers or a tool to make sure they are fully on.


5. Add Mascara and Voila

For the ladies who love the extra drama with their lashes, don't be afraid to add a few coats of mascara once your falsies have dried and are on correctly. This will blend in your natural lashes and give you the va-va-voom you were dreaming of all along!

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