Fall 2022 Makeup Trends To Look Forward To

The first day of fall this year is on Sep. 22, and we couldn't be more excited.

Whether you're heading back to school, are working or are taking a gap year, this fall is going to be full of surprises, and we're especially excited for all of the beauty and fashion trends—makeup specifically. Interested in finding out what makeup trends are going to be big this fall? Continue below to see!

Siren Eyes

Siren eyes have been all the rage on TikTok this summer, and the trend is staying around for the fall. In contrast to doe eyes (which have been popular in the past), siren eyes widen the eyes and provide a sultry look. It gives a lifting effect and can be applied by makeup gurus and novices alike.


Effortless Brows

A few years ago, we all made sure our eyebrows were cut with concealer and had an ombre effect. This fall, though, it's all about the effortless look. Instead of spending 10 minutes on your brows, simply grab a brow gel or soap, fill in any blank spots and call it a day.


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Sunburnt Blush

If you've ever spent a bit too much time in the sun, you might have actually liked how your sunkissed cheeks looked, and this fall is all about the sunburnt blush look. Instead of bright pinks, think more amber, red and even burnt orange hues.


Graphic Eyeliner

There's just something so stunning about graphic eyeliner, and while it does require lots and lots of practice, we think the end result is well worth it. Instead of doing a classic winged eyeliner, graphic liner is all about bold statements and unique lines. This type of look would be perfect for a date night this fall!


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Glossy Lips

Matte lips are a thing of the past. This fall, you can expect to see creamy and glossy lips everywhere. From clear to pink, orange, holographic and everything in between, there's a glossy shade for everyone out there.


Rhinestone Accents

Rhinestone accents have been popular ever since Euphoria's makeup artist Donni Davy brought the trend to life, and it's sticking around through the fall, but in a more subtle manner. Think rhinestoned cat-eyes and little accents around the brow bone.


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Glowing Skin

Glowing skin will always be in, especially during the summer months, but this fall, especially, is going to feature barely-there makeup and glazed-donut skin. From skin tints to pearly highlighters and more, the glowier, the better.

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