A Definitive Ranking of Fall Activities, From Least to Most Basic

We're fall fanatics here at Sweety High.

We love everything about the season. From the ever-changing leaves to the crisp, cool air, autumn inspires us to embrace change and find comfort in the world around us.

All that said, fall does get a pretty bad rap for being somewhat basic. And we'll admit that it is, but that's mainly due to the connotations surrounding plenty of the activities related to the season.

To remind the world (and ourselves) that not everything about this time of year is totally typical, we decided to rank some iconic fall activities from least to most basic.

Scroll below to discover which one is the most basic, even though we're pretty sure you already know what it is!

10. Picking Apples

Since when was picking apples ever considered basic? There's really nothing basic about it, mainly because it's not that cute of an activity. Yes, we love going out to an orchard with our family every fall to harvest some fresh fruit, but it's hard work plucking those golden gems from their trees. Any activity that's likely to mess up our manicure or cause us to sweat can easily be deemed anything but basic.

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9. Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is another one of our favorite fall pastimes that is not the slightest bit basic. There's nothing glamorous about gutting the inside of a gourd. It's a straight-up mess, albeit, so much fun to do—especially when you bake enough pumpkin seeds to eat for the rest of the season. We can't imagine a fall where we don't carve a pumpkin, and we don't want to.

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8. Attending a Football Game

Other than fall, our second favorite season is football season. Lucky for us, the two are experienced during the same time frame. For most people, autumn starts when that first leaf hits the ground. For us, it starts at kickoff. Going to a game isn't just another thing to do during fall, it's a full-on experience. There's no activity more exciting than cheering on your team in a stadium filled to the brim with fellow fans. Win, lose or draw, we're just happy to cheer on our boys.

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7. Going Leaf-Peeping

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term leaf-peeping, it's just a fancy way of saying looking at the color-changing leaves that fall has to offer. It's a fun way to welcome the season and fully embrace all that it has to offer. While actually checking out leaves isn't that basic, posing for 750 plus pics in the foliage to get just the right shot for Insta totally is. Not that we've ever done that…

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6. Baking Fall-Inspired Treats Galore

We're not normally big on baking or cooking anything that requires more than a microwave, but that all goes out the window when fall hits. We turn into full-fledged Food Network stars and bake up a variety of fall-inspired treats. From cranberry muffins and pumpkin loafs, to pecan pie and caramel apples, we go all out for the season. While it's not entirely basic, we'll admit it lies somewhere in the middle on the basic scale. It takes a lot of work to whip up these desserts, but it's usually done to impress your besties, fam, classmates and Instagram—which is why it ranks where it does.

5. Hitting Up a Fall Festival

Ain't no festival like a fall festival, if only a fall festival never had to stop. But that's what makes them all the more special, knowing they only happen for a few months once a year. From chowing down on caramel apples to riding the Ferris wheel with our crush, fall festivals are a grand ol' time and offer so many exciting autumn-based things to do.

Part of the reason we consider this activity to be a little bit more basic than the rest is because of the amount of IG candids we force our BFF to take, along with the high expectations we put on this being the event of the season. No pressure, but if we don't have the best time at a fall festival, the whole rest of the year will be ruined.

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4. Cuddling Up by the Fire

During any other season, the thought of cuddling up by the fire with a piping hot cup of apple cider would make us gag—not during fall, however. We're willing to forgo all of our responsibilities to stay at home and do this every single day. It's entirely basic, mainly considering the romantic feelings this conjures up and how we're relationship cynics, but we let it slide to get our comfort on. There's no place we'd rather be during the fall, S.O. or not.

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3. Experiencing a Hayride

Going on a hayride isn't even that exciting. You sit in a tractor, ride around in some hay for 30 seconds, then call it a day. But do our eyes grow wide and our hearts pound faster at the mere thought of doing this every fall? You bet. It's one of those things you do to say you did it, so you don't experience FOMO when all your besties gossip about their hayride over pumpkin pie.

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2. Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch is fairly basic. The only reason anyone goes (us, included) is to snap a pic sitting on a hay bale with a pumpkin propped in their lap. They're posted all over IG—so much so, that we can't even scroll through our feed during the season without seeing at least 10 in one fell swoop. We don't mind it, but c'mon, how basic have we all become that we have to ring in the season with fairly similar Insta posts? That said, we don't know if we could get through fall without sharing a pumpkin patch snap on social media. We're part of the problem.

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1. Drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Sipping on a PSL during fall is about as basic as it gets. Was anyone surprised by this? The Starbucks drink isn't necessarily our favorite, but we still chug a Grande every day during autumn. We know that makes us basic, but who the heck cares? It's not like we're doing any harm, except to maybe our bodies. We're still waiting for the day we turn into a pumpkin ourselves after drinking one too many. But until that day comes, catch us gulping cups of these forevermore. After all, what would fall be without PSLs?

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