10 Not-So-Basic Fall Activities to Do With Your Friends

If you haven't noticed, we love fall here at Sweety High.

It is our favorite time of the year—mainly because we get to bust out our fave boots, burn yummy-scented candles, and dress like a crazy person for a day at school.

Pretty fall candles with leaves

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And we're not letting the fall feels stop there. Did you know there are a ton of fun (and even free!) fall activities? And no, we're not talking about jumping in a pile of leaves, because that just sounds unsanitary.

Grab your friends, your crush, whomever, because here is what you should be doing this fall to make the most out of the delightful season!

1. Campout in Your Backyard

Get the full camping experience in your backyard, with the added bonus of having a working toilet just a few feet away! Invite some friends over, pitch a tent, roll out sleeping bags and make sure you have enough s'mores and games to go around!

You can even go the extra mile and get an outdoor fire pit, too! Just make sure your parents are around the house to supervise.

2. Have a Bake Sale

Perfect your holiday baking skills and earn a little extra cash? Sounds like a win to us! Round up a few friends and split the cost for the baking goods. We suggest doing pumpkin bread or mini apple pies. Then, set up shop in the neighborhood with the biggest houses! Just kidding.

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3. Host a Horror Movie Marathon With Hot Cider

Whether you've been wanting to watch Stranger Things, or want to go retro with old horror films like Scream, Halloween or Edward Scissorhands, curate a scary movie line up and invite the whole gang over. Make sure you have enough blankets, pillows, and pizza to go around, and have a warm drink on tap. This is a great hot toddy recipe!

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4. DIY Your Own Fall-Scented Candles

One of the best parts about fall is all of the delicious scents and smells! And you know what's even more fun then picking out yummy fall-scented candles at the store? Making your own! Here is an easy candle DIY that we like to follow because it recycles old plain candles.

5. Take a Friends' Holiday Card Photo

Channel your inner Kardashian and round up your best pals for a themed, holiday card photo shoot! The theme options are endless—you can go super glam, choose a specific decade, or even be humorous! Enlist a parent or sibling to play photographer for the day, and then choose your fave picture to print out and pass around at school.

6. Up Your Pumpkin Game

Sure, carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition, but we like the idea of upping our pumpkin game. Instead of hosting a pumpkin carving party–which can be really messy–go wild at the craft store with different color paints and decor to create pumpkins that are totally Instagram-worthy.

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7. Host a Murder Mystery Game Night

Murder mystery nights are a ton of fun, and are a great way to get everyone involved. Start by picking a theme for your murder mystery, and make sure all your guests show up in costume. We like Pasta, Passion and Pistols, Lethal Luau and Murder at the Grand Gatsby.

8. Get Your Scare On

Whether it's a Haunted Hayride, a scary night at an amusement park, a graveyard tour or a local haunted house, there's nothing more fun than getting uber spooked with your friends! Have a new crush? Make sure you invite them along and hold on tight when that goblin pops out!

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9. Apple-Picking at a Local Orchard

Spend quality time with your friends or the fam by spending the day apple-picking at a local orchard! Pick your own fresh apples straight from the tree like good 'ol Johnny Appleseed, and then make your own cider using an old-fashioned cider press.

Use Google to find an apple orchard near you, and check out this top 10 list to see if one of the best apple orchards in America is located near you!

10. Build an Indoor Fort

Pretend you're a kid again and create an indoor fort in your living room! Except, this go 'round, use Pinterest as your guide to create something totally chic and dreamy.

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