6 Fall Activities You Can Do With or Without a Date

Fall is officially upon us, meaning it's time to embrace all the pumpkin-spiced wonder that the season has in store.

That also means that we can finally start planning for some of the fun fall activities we love doing each year! However, whether you're single or in a relationship, it's hard to ignore the fact that so many of these autumnal activities involve having a significant other to do them with.

That doesn't mean you can't do them if you don'have a date though, which is why we're here to lay out a list of some of the best fall things you can do—date or no date. Grab your partner (or your friends/siblings/whoever else) and give some of the following activities a try this fall.

1. Go To a Haunted House

Sure, visiting your nearest theme park for a haunted house extravaganza does make for a pretty cute date (after all, you can grab their hand as hard as you need to when scared and they'll probably think it's cute). However, it's also a super fun thing to do with friends! Get a group of your least-scared friends together for a little trip to get truly spooky and scared—the memories you make will be well worth the screams.

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2. Pick the Perfect Pumpkins at a Local Patch

Whether your state has actual pumpkin patches or just the "fake" kind that sets them all up on hay bails for you to choose from, picking out the perfect pumpkins is a perfect fall activity. Whether you take your date, your dad or your best friends, you can make it extra fun by having a competition for who can find the most perfect (or ugliest) pumpkin in the group.


3. Paint Pumpkins

If carving pumpkins (and the mess made in the process) isn't your thing, you might want to try this alternative activity instead. Take the pumpkins you picked at the patch (or just head to your nearest Target or Walmart), grab some paintbrushes and supplies and set up somewhere where you can let your creativity take control. Pro tip: Grab a set of sharpies instead to make it a more portable activity that you can do in a park at sunset for the cutest pictures you'll ever get.

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4. Host a Costume Party

While fall may be famous for hosting quite a few beloved holidays within it, there are few that can compete with the versatility of Halloween. From trick-or-treating to haunted houses and everything in between, it's the perfect excuse to throw on a costume and have a scary good time with the people you enjoy being around the most—date or not. By hosting your own costume party for Halloween this fall, you get to make the rules, and there's nothing better than that.


5. Have a Fall-Themed Photo Shoot

Whether you find the most beautiful pumpkin patch or apple orchard to have a full-on photo shoot in or just stumble upon a really aesthetically pleasing pile of leaves, there's so much photo background potential during fall. Whether you're a posing queen or a complete newbie, grab a friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend) with a phone and take a ton of photos enjoying all the season has to offer.


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6. Try All the Best Fall Food Your City Has to Offer

Have you been stalking the menu of your favorite local restaurant or bakery waiting to see when they release their new fall menu items? Well, now's the perfect chance to give them a try. This one can be done with a date, a friend or even by yourself, making it a fall activity that's perfect for any day and time. If you want to go all out, make it a fall-themed food crawl of your town or city, finding all the best treats (without any tricks) for you to try all season long.

As you can see from this list, having a partner or date has nothing to do with having a good time—no matter what season it may be. But if you do happen to be looking for date ideas to try out this fall, click HERE for five of our top ideas.