Here at Sweety High, we’re obsessed with great-smelling candles and all things fall, and when these two things combine, we honestly couldn’t be happier.

But as much as we love all things pumpkin spice, we have to admit we can quickly get sick of the autumn scent. While pumpkin and sweet candy fragrances are fine, these basic scents tend to dominate the shelves in fall, and this year we were looking for scents with a bit more going on. That’s why we’ve gathered this list of our favorite candles in non-basic scents for fall. It’s time to pick your favorite and get cozy!

Anecdote Ghosting Candle: $26

Fall is the season of change—and realizing you’re better off without that person who never texted you back—and we love the way this Anecdote candle captures that essence with the warm, sweet scent of amber and spiced tobacco. It smells like a favorite sweater and bundling up next to a fireplace, making it perfect for those cozy moments at home.

Anecdote Candles Ghosting: $26

(via Anecdote Candles)


TO112 Light – Palo Santo Candle: $58

TO112 is first and foremost a skin and haircare brand, but when we discovered they had candles, we knew we had to get our hands on one, and instantly fell hard for their Light – Palo Santo Candle. It smells like citrus blended with smokey pine to emulate the feeling of a brisk walk through the woods as the leaves change, and since palo santo is known for cleansing, it’s also perfect for refreshing your space and promoting great new things in your life.

TO112 Light - Palo Santo Candle: $58

(via TO112)


DW Home Harvest Moon: $24

It’s nearly impossible to browse the DW Home website and put just one candle in your shopping cart, but if you’re looking for a single scent to get you in the autumn spirit, we suggest this Harvest Moon candle. It’s herbal and earthy, blending lavender with rosemary to perk up the senses even as it soothes. While the actual Harvest Moon for 2022 is behind us, this candle reminds us to celebrate the bounties we receive and just makes us feel great. Plus, who can resist that wood-grain pattern in the glass?

DW Home Harvest Moon: $24

(via DW Home)


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Vita Mia Apple Harvest Candle: $27

While apple-picking and baking hot pies may be slightly basic fall activities, this incredible candle from Vita Mia is anything but. It combines the scent of crisp, sweet apples with cinnamon and brown sugar to create something that feels like home and a warm hug while making you crave something delicious.

Vita Mia Apple Harvest Candle:

(via Vita Mia)


Gentlemen’s Hardware Concrete Mountain Sage Candle: $29

If you’re on the hunt for something more rugged, Gentlemen’s Hardware has candles in stylish concrete jars, and great scents to match. For fall, we recommend the Mountain Sage candle, blending herbaceous sage with juniper, fir needle and cedar to smell like a walk through crisp, forested mountain air in the fall.

Gentlemens Hardware Concrete Mountain Sage Candle:$29

(via Gentlemen’s Hardware)


Bath & Body Works Fall in Bloom 3-Wick Candle: $13.50

We could spend all day shopping for fall candles from Bath & Body Works, but for something you’ve never smelled before, you have to check out their new Fall in Bloom scent. It’s a floral candle that’s vibrant as well as sweet, and accented by plum notes to round it out with fruitiness.

Bath & Body Works Fall in Bloom 3-Wick Candle: $13.50

(via Bath & Body Works)


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Everology Petroglyph Candle: $62

A petroglyph is a rock carving, often found in caves, so that may sound like a bizarre name for a candle until you realize that this one from Everology is inspired by a very specific region of the Himalayas. There’s a coolness to the scent, combing patchouli incense notes with wild white rose for an almost meditative scent, reminding us of the slow-down of fall and the way it always helps us look at the world from a different perspective.

Everology Petroglyph Candle: $62

(via Everology)


Companion Candles Yin & Yang: $25

Companion Candles are formulated to be as clean as possible, making them safe for both people and their canine companions, and at no expense to incredible scents. Their Yin & Yang candle is all about opposites attracting, blending woodsy musk with sweet honey to create something complex enough for all of the ups and downs of the fall season.

Companion Candles Yin & Yang: $25

(via Companion Candles)


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La Parea Wellness Elemi Woods Candle: $45

La Parea Wellness is primarily a skincare brand, but their massive soy wax candles, scented with real essential oils, are also a treat, and their dreamy Elemi Woods candle is perfect for fall. It combines the scents of rose, citrus, pepper and cedar for another scent that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nature, making all of your cares fly away.

La Parea Wellness Elemi Woods Candle: $45

(via La Parea Wellness)


YIELD Castillo Candle: $28

Last, but certainly not least, is YIELD’s Castillo candle, inspired by the Castillo de San Marcos fortress in St. Augustine, Florida, where YIELD candles are made. Today, the fort acts as a waterfront meeting place, and this candle, scented with cypress, salt and smoke, represents where the sea breeze joins with burning firewood when the weather starts to get chilly in the fall.

YIELD Castillo Candle: $28

(via YIELD)


RANAVAT Sacred Jasmine Candle: $44

You may not immediately associate florals with fall, but jasmine is a flower that blooms well into autumn, with a scent that brings both relaxation and clarity. It’s sweet as well as musky, giving off a rich scent even before you light it, and who can resist that stunning purple jar?

RANAVAR sacred jasmine candle



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