Win All 25 of Fall Guys' Bombastic Mini-Games With These Tips and Tricks

Ever since we played Fall Guys at E3 last year, we knew it was going to be a sensation.

The game officially released on Steam and PlayStation 4 earlier this month, and it's been exactly the hit we anticipated. The 60-person battle royale pits players against each other in two dozen thrilling obstacle course games, and only one player can come out on top.

Have you been struggling to secure that crown? The magical thing about Fall Guys is that anyone can become a winner. Keep scrolling to find out our top tips and tricks for every one of its 25 games.

Dizzy Heights

Dizzy Heights is an obstacle course race to the finish. It begins with a number of circular spinning floors. Move along in the same direction as they're rotating to make it across the fastest. In the next section, rolling balls try to hinder your progress. Instead of taking refuge in the holes as they fall, hug the walls and time dives in order to move under them without getting pushed. across a number of circular spinning floors. Use the same strategy on the next two sets of circle platforms, and then avoid the balls to make it to the goal.

Fall Guys: Dizzy Heights

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Door Dash

In Door Dash, players attempt to bust through a series of walls to get to the goal at the end. That sounds easy enough, except for the fact that many of the doors are unbreakable dead ends, making this one of the more luck-cased trials in Fall Guys. If you're in the lead, don't hesitate! A straight path is the fastest, so head straight down and hope for the best. If the door doesn't open, don't get discouraged. Just keep trying until you or someone else opens the way. And if you get stuck in the back, just keep your eye open for opportunities and head directly toward any paths that open up ASAP.

Fall Guys: Door Dash

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute is a race to the finish across a massive conveyer belt, with falling fruit threatening to stop you in your tracks at every turn. It's not always easy to dodge the falling fruit while also jumping over rolling logs, but not getting hit is honestly more important than making a lot of immediate progress. Coming to understand the way different fruits bounce across the conveyer will help you recognize how you should move so you don't get swept away.

Fall Guys: Fruit Chute

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Gate Crash

This game is a bit like Door Dash, but there are a little less randomness and luck involved. As you run through, avoid the pink moving bumpers and time the gates appropriately. It may take a few turns to recognize the patterns of these gates, but there's a rhyme and reason to how they move, and the better you understand it, the less likely you are to get trapped. And don't forget to try diving over a rising gate if that will give you the momentum you need to progress.

Fall Guys: Gate Crash

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Hit Parade

Hit Parade is yet another obstacle course that's all about getting to the end, with some of the funniest course elements in the game. On the first cylindrical platforms, avoiding getting too close to other players so you don't get knocked off, as falling will lose you valuable time. Try not to get swept up in the spinners as you move through them, get through the gate, and use good timing not to get swept up by pendulums before making your way up the slime waterfall. We recommend moving up the side to more easily predict the bumpers.

Fall Guys: Hit Parade

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


See Saw

See Saw is an opening race game that's all about using the gravity of seesaws to make it safely to the end. If you can manage to get up in front, you're going to have a much easier time of getting to the finish, running straight down the center of each seesaw to not off-balance them before you get to the next platform. However, if you start in the last row, or if you fall off at any point, it's going to be trickier to manage the seesaws as other players push them up and down. Use your momentum to get the seesaws to raise, and use high ground to get to the next level. Diving can be helpful is you're not sure if you can make it.

Fall Guys: See Saw

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Slime Climb

In Slime Climb, players have to race to the top of a winding obstacle course as gooey pink slime rises up to claim them. Unlike the other race games in Fall Guys, falling off of the platforms or getting touched by the slime means you're eliminated for the rest of the current round. In this game, we recommend avoiding riskier plays in order to get ahead, unless you have a clear way to skip some of the level and there aren't a lot of other players there to bounce you around. Playing it safe is more likely to get you to the goal in one piece.

Fall Guys: Slime Climb

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


The Whirlygig

The Whirlygig is perhaps the most iconic game of Fall Guys. It's a race to the finish, populated by a number of twirly obstacles. In the first section, jump over the spinning bars, positioning yourself so they'll push you in a favorable direction in the case that you do trip on them. Watch your step as your make your way up the next platforms, and then avoid the windmills in the next area. When it forks into three sections, make your way up the middle, as it's the fastest route. If you get hit, you'll likely be pushed to the safer side paths. Carefully jump over the bars and make it through the last windmill to finish.

Fall Guys: The Whirlygig

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Block Party

In this game, players stand on a platform as a series of blocks come up to sweep players off. Avoid these blocks and stay toward the center whenever you can, so that you never find yourself running all the way across and risking a fall. If you're playing with friends, it's also possible to team up and jump on each other to find safety on the walls on either side of the platform, though it's also a very risky play when things don't quite work out.

Fall Guys: Block Party

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Egg Scramble

Egg Scramble is probably Fall Guys' most frantic team game. It divides players into three teams, who must each try to collect as many eggs in their goal area as possible. That would be easy enough if it wasn't for the fact that opponents will quickly show up to steal your hard-earned eggs. This is another game where team roles are beneficial. While a couple of players bring eggs to your goal, the others should focus on raiding the stash of the opponent who's doing the worst, launching their eggs out of the basket. Also, do whatever you can to secure gold eggs, which are worth a hefty five points each.

Fall Guys: Egg Scramble

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Fall Ball

Fall Ball is the Fall Guys version of soccer, and it's one of the most beloved mini-games of all. You'll be placed on one of two teams, and the straightforward goal is to score against the other team more times than they can score on you. Our biggest recommendation is to make sure your team plays a balanced game. If everyone is playing offensively, hang back to protect your goal, but if your team is too defensive, try moving in. A short hop and dive is your best bet for moving the ball as far as possible, and right after a score happens, hang out near the middle of the field to get a first move on the next ball that appears. Also, if one of the football-shaped balls comes down, don't panic. Just kick it around and see how it behaves, and try to make a goal just like it was the regular soccer ball.

Fall Guys: Fall Ball

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)



Hoarders divides players into three teams in an arena split up into red, blue and yellow seconds. The mission is to have as many giant volleyballs in your own area when the time runs out. Our favorite strategy, as petty as it can be, is going on the offensive and teaming up against the team that's doing the worst, entering their area and pushing their balls out into your own with a  little dive. However, if your team has a heavy lead, it might be wise to switch to defense, preventing your balls from being stolen as the clock ticks.

Fall Guys: Hoarders

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Hoopsie Daisy

Hoopsie Daisy is another team game, requiring players to hop through colored hoops in order to score points for their team. Our first tip is to always keep your eye out for potential hoops to grab, and prioritize golden hoops, which are worth five points. The moving circle platforms can help you get up to your top speed while also giving you a fast view of the entire arena. If you're racing an opponent to a hoop, diving is often the best strategy to get through it first. Just remember you all have the same top speed, so if someone is ahead of you, you're not going to catch up. And if you see a teammate going for a hoop, trust them to claim it. Turn your efforts elsewhere—or slow down opponents trying to take it from them.

Fall Guys: Hoopsie Daisy

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)



Jinxed is a team game in which certain players are "Jinxed," or surrounded by a cursed pink cloud, and the goal is to remain un-Jinxed for as long as possible by not getting grabbed by someone who is Jinxed. The first team to get totally Jinxed is eliminated, so we recommend that you never stop moving to avoid being caught. Getting hit by the pendulums will make it easy to be nabbed, so dodge them carefully while creating situations for your opponents to be swiped. The spinning platforms can also help you move quickly and stay away from other players, but they tend to attract others with the same ideas. If you do happen to get Jinxed, decide whether you'll be more useful Jinxing players on the other team or protecting your safe teammates and dedicate yourself to that in order to stay in the game.

Fall Guys: Jinxed

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Jump Club

In Jump Club, players are placed on a circular platform with a green and pink bar rotating at them at different speeds in a clockwise direction. The pink club will rarely hit you unless you're high in the air, so focus on leaping over the green one. At the start of the game, it will move slowly, and you can follow it along the track to avoid getting hit, with the inner circumference of the ring being the shortest distance to travel. As it speeds up, time your jumps so you don't get hit—and avoid other players, who can send you bouncing like a rag doll if you get hit.

Fall Guys: Jump Club

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Perfect Match

In Perfect Match, players have to pay attention as fruit tiles are temporarily revealed on the floor. When the screen shows a certain fruit, run over to any tiles that had that fruit on them or plunge to your doom. This game's not all that tricky if you can simply remember one location bearing each fruit, so that you'll never be caught off guard. And even if you do get mixed up, simply running over to a busy platform will usually keep you safe. However, if you're playing with friends, you may also want to team up on the wrong tile to lead others astray, leaping away at the last second.

Fall Guys: Perfect Match

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Rock 'N' Roll

Rock 'N' Roll is another team game in which three teams work to push their ball to the goal first. For the beginning of the game, the teams work down their own corridors, but all three paths meet toward the end, giving other players a chance block your team's progress. This game is all about teamwork, so divide the effort evenly. More pushers won't necessarily get your ball to the goal faster, so if your team is focused there, don't be afraid to run ahead and aggressively play the goalie. Remember that first place doesn't matter, and that your best bet is to hinder whoever's farthest behind.

Fall Guys: Rock 'N' Roll

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Roll Out

Roll Out is all about remaining on a series of rotating cylindrical platforms, covered in holes and obstacles, to avoid falling into the pink slime below. Mastering this game is all about learning the course, including which platforms are safe to hang out on for long periods of time. We personally like the strategy of moving from end to end, staying close to the centers of the platforms at all times in order to avoid precarious moments.

Fall Guys: Roll Out

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Tail Tag

 Tail Tag is kind of the opposite of the Jinxed game. It's all about collecting and maintaining a tail, so if you have a tail, stay on the move in order to avoid having it stolen. If you don't have one, run after someone who does have one and grab them to take it from them. When you have your tail, staying on moving floors can keep you fast enough to dodge thieves, as can hanging out near swinging hammers that can swing them away. But don't get too complacent, as neither of these strategies is foolproof—especially in the last seconds of the game.

Fall Guys: Tail Tag

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Team Tail Tag

Team Tail Tag is the team variant of Tail Tag, and the strategies for this game are much the same. In addition to following the recommendations we made above, it can also be helpful to grab opponents, even when you already have a tail, in order to slow them down for a teammate. Like with the other team games, focus on taking down the poorest performing team to make a win easy on yourself.

Fall Guys: Team Tag

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Tip Toe

In Tip Toe, a large tile floor is laid out between the players and the goal line. The catch is that most of these tiles are fakes that will disappear the second they're touched, and only a certain path will get you all the way to the end. At the beginning, we recommend just going for it, doing what you can to reveal the beginnings of the path. But as it seems that players might be closer to finishing, be more cautious. If you're feeling extra daring, you may even want to grab other players and attempt to push them onto questionable tiles. Luck can play a big factor in completion, but skill can help you edge out the competition.

Fall Guys: Tip Toe

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain is an exciting obstacle race to the finish, with the victor winning the whole round. In this game, one small mistake can lose you everything. Jump over the little lip at the beginning of the race, so you don't trip over it, and try not to get whacked by falling balls and spinners, hugging walls where it's safest, and running with the hammers, so if you get hit, you'll at least be propelled forward. And during the moment of truth, do not forget to press the grab button as you jump up toward the crown. If you don't grab it, you can't win!

Fall Guys: Fall Mountain

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)



Hex-A-Gone is the final game every player crosses their fingers for, because it's by far the most fun. In this game, players start on a top layer of hexagon-shaped tiles. After stepping on a tile, it quickly disappears, and if you're not careful, you can quickly wind up falling down to the next level. Fall too many times, and you'll disappear into the slime and be eliminated. The strategy here is two-fold, with your first goal being to stay as far from the slime as possible. By hopping slowly from platform to platform, you can delay how long it takes to fall. A dive can also cross surprising distances when the tiles are separated. However, when you're sharing a layer with a lot of people, you may also want to run across the place as quickly as you can, cutting off opportunities to the other players while also not putting yourself in too tricky of a situation. If you're alone on a high layer, try to stay there as long as possible while also having an escape plan one level down.

Fall Guys: Hex-A-Gone

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Jump Showdown

Jump Showdown is the newest stage to be added to the Fall Guys lineup, bearing a strong resemblance to Jump Club, though we'd say it's a bit more perilous, as it's one of the elimination games. In this game, the top and bottom bars are golden, and they stretch all the way across the circular platform. As you're trying to dodge them, pieces of the floor also give way. Pay attention to the areas that are safe to land on, and avoid the bars, as well as other players, if you can. They'll try to grab you and make you stumble, so it's a good idea to isolate yourself when possible.

Fall Guys: Jump Showdown

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Royal Fumble

Royal Fumble is simply Tail Tag, but with only one tail in the arena, meaning whoever has it at when time runs out is the big winner of the entire round. If you manage to get the tail, keep it moving and don't get barricaded by the other players and forced to give it up.

Fall Guys: Royal Fumble

(Fall Guys via Devolver Digital)


Bonus Tip:

Fall Guys can be played with up to three friends, forming a four-person team as part of your 60-player battle royale.  They'll be added to your team in any group mini-games, and by being able to coordinate with them, you'll get the upper hand on players who are simply playing with random strangers. Even in the non-team games, you can still strategize to help each other succeed—or help each other win the coveted trophy that can only be obtained through five wins in a row.


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