8 Non-Basic Things That Make Fall the Most Magical Season

It's officially the falliday—A.K.A. the first day of the best three months of the year! ???? ???? ????

But enough with the PSLs and pumpkin-carving. I'm here to bring you eight non-basic things that make fall the most magical season.

Get ready to feel your mood heighten as you scroll! ????

1. Music Feels Better

Sure, it's fun to jam out to your fave Fifth Harmony song while cruisin' down the highway with your summertime squad, but let's be honest—nothing compares to cozying up to some Death Cab and The Shins while watching the autumn leaves aggressively blow from your window.

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2. There's So Much Less Pressure Than Any Other Season

Spring is all about rocking crop tops and short skirts, summer is about bikinis, booking the most Insta-worthy vacation(s) and throwing the most enviable backyard BBQs. Winter is bye, bye bank account—presents and holiday plans are of prime importance. During the fall, all you need is a Halloween costume and a place to eat turkey on Thanksgiving and you are set. Put those short shorts away, because leggings, tights, flannels and oversized sweatshirts are pretty much all we need for the next three months, thank you very much.


3. There's More Time in the Day

Mark your calendar for Nov. 6th, everyone. Daylight Savings Time gives us an extra hour of sleep and what feels like an eternity of more time on our hands. What? It's pitch black and only 5:00 p.m.? I've got the whole day ahead of me. Woot woot!


4. There's a Therapeutic Feeling in the Air

Having a personal crisis during the spring or summer is not fun. There's nothing that's going to cease your pain while your pals are splashing away poolside and you're moping inside the house. And during the winter, people are so self-absorbed with presents and holiday plans that it's easy to feel neglected. During the fall, everything just feels at peace, even amid chaos. My grandma passed away during one October, and a few years prior to that, I had a huge falling out with some very close friends around the same time. Of course I experienced great pain from these situations, but there was something about the crisp air and folk music on my Pandora stations that somehow got me through these trying times. Was I alone a bit? Yes. But was I lonely? No.

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5. It's Chilly Outside

Okay, this one is kind of basic, but I had to include it anyway. Summer is great because we are homework-free for three months, we no longer have to worry about the nuisance who sits behind us in math class and we have the joys of family vacays—but seriously, can summer just not? Between the bugs and scorching nights, summer is basically just the worst. I mean, think about it, once we're no longer in school, all summer will be is three humid months that go by at the speed of a snail. At long last, our nights are about to become beautiful and breezy. Bring on that chill.

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6. Yankee Candles (Need I Say More?)

If you've ever made your way through a Yankee Candle store, you know that there are like 10 variations of one same aroma. So, basically, you dig fall? Well, get this—no joke—you've got Autumn Bouquet, Autumn Gathering, Autumn in the Park, Autumn Leaves and Autumn Wreath to choose from. And that's not even talking pumpkin and apple variations. I mean seriously, your room is going to feel fresh and fally in no time.


7. Fall Parties

A fall party is not to be confused with a Halloween party, as the only thing they have in common is they are during the same season. A fall party is a time to get decked out in your finest wears and celebrate the joy of the season with Yankee Candles (see above), fall decor galore and the falliday-themed beverages of your choice! Save the jackolanterning for Oct. 31, because the only pumpkins you'll find at these events are spray-painted and glittered.

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8. You Feel a Sense of Self-Renewal

The start of the new school year comes with more than just a fresh crop of textbooks and grueling assignments. It's a chance to reinvent yourself! Whether it's a new 'do or a new 'tude, think of fall as a rebirth. What is it about falling leaves that makes us feel so renewed? Not sure, but we love it.


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