7 Movies That'll Definitely Get You in the Mood for Fall

Sad as it might sound, not everyone's a fan of fall.

It's cold and gloomy, and it can't even begin to compare to the carefree vibe of summer. However, even if autumn bums you out, there's still plenty to love about this colorful season—you just have to have the right attitude.

If you struggle to find your autumn spirit, keep scrolling for seven movies that'll definitely get you in the mood for fall.

You've Got Mail (1998)

The original online relationship, this film follows the romance of Kathleen and Joe, contentious business partners who unknowingly start an online romance. Not only are rom-coms the perfect way to snuggle in (potentially with an S.O.?) and take advantage of the chilly fall weather, but both Kathleen and Joe express their love for autumn in the movie, reminding us of all the reasons we should be thankful for this gorgeous season.

You've Got Mail: Kathleen and Joe

(You've Got Mail via Warner Bros.)


Hocus Pocus (1993)

No fall movie list would be complete without this Disney classic. It tells the story of Max Dennison, who accidentally wakes three witches from their temporary death and must find a way to save the people he loves before the witches wreak havoc on the town of Salem. This movie is the perfect way to ring in the Halloween season, meaning it simply must be watched at least once during autumn.

Hocus Pocus: three witches

(Hocus Pocus via Walt Disney Pictures)


Dan in Real Life (2007)

A popular advice columnist, Dan is raising his three daughters alone when he transports his family to Rhode Island for a family get-together. That's where he meets Marie, who instantly captures his heart. Unfortunately things might not be as simple for this flirty pair as they originally seem to be. This lesser-known film takes place in autumn, and it's very heartwarming and family-oriented with an overall cozy feel that makes it the perfect fall flick.

Dan in real Life

(Dan in Real Life via Touchstone Pictures)


The Blind Side (2009)

Fall and football go together like peanut butter and jelly. Although The Blind Side is much deeper than a simple celebration of autumn, it'all about football, making it the perfect film to prep yourself for such a major sports season. However, even if you're not a big football fan, this heartwarming story about a homeless teen taken in by a loving family in Texas is sure to keep you entertained, and maybe even a little teary-eyed.

The Blind Side: Micheal and Sandra shopping

(The Blind Side via Alcon Entertainment)


(500) Days of Summer (2009)

We genuinely believe fall is the perfect time for romantic comedies, and (500) Days of Summer is one of the best. Even though it centers on Tom dealing with the aftermath of his breakup with the beautiful and elusive Summer, it still has that rom-com feel with the added benefit of a much-needed dose of reality. Plus, the end of the movie depicts Tom literally and figuratively making the transition from summer to autumn, showing that summer might be over, but there are plenty of reasons to be happy about fall.

500 Days of Summer: Summer and Tom sitting on a bench

((500) Days of Summer via Fox Searchlight Pictures)


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

Halloween gets all the hype when it comes to autumn celebrations, and poor little Thanksgiving is often lost in the shuffle. But not to us. Seriously, a holiday that's literally all about eating? Count us in! And the perfect way to prep for this delicious day is obviously with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Not only does it follow all your favorite Peanuts through their Thanksgiving adventure, it also gives some much-needed attention to an often forgotten holiday.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

(A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving via Lee Mendelson Film Productions)


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

If you're like us, fall is just a necessary pit-stop before you get to the truly exciting season: Christmas. Thankfully, this classic movie combines the magic of Christmas with the horror of Halloween in an hour and 15 minutes of catchy musical numbers. This movie is guaranteed to get you excited for Christmas without totally skipping over the rest of autumn, even though sometimes we'd truly like to just fast-forward to our favorite holiday.

The nightmare before christmas Jack Skellington

(The Nightmare Before Christmas via Touchstone Pictures)


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