If Fall Is Your Fave Season, This Playlist Will Be Your Everything

After that whole song and (rain) dance this past month, our beloved season fall is officially upon us.

While our fave part of autumn is obviously the changing of the leaves and the aromatic breeze outside, the peaceful vibe of the three-month time frame just doesn't feel complete without a mellow, melodic playlist to accompany it.

We know it can be a timely task to sort through a slew of material to come up with a most fitting selection of songs, so that's why the music obsessives in us have done the work for you.

While it's imperative to throw in falliday classics by The Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Radiohead and Joseph Arthur, we can't neglect the new stuff that we're certain will bring calm to your season.

In case you haven't been following, we're head over heels for dark electro rockers PVRIS over here, and their new album has the blissful sound of fall's energy smothered all over it. While we dig each of the 10 tracks, we think "Anyone Else" is a perfect fit for this playlist.

And no pun intended, but we couldn't help but include ODESZA's "Falls," featuring Sasha Sloane, off their latest album A Moment Apart, which was just released last week. Name aside, we just really love this easy-listening track, and we have no doubt you will, too.

Okay, enough talking and let's start listening to the 33 tracks below:


In case you can't tell by our song choice, we try to avoid being basic, but if you're a sucker for a hot PSL, you'll probably want to swoop up the items we found HERE.