5 Fall Trends That Are Going to Blow up Your Instagram Feed

Fall is the perfect time for fashion. The air is crisp and cold enough to wear layers, but also warm enough to experiment with various trends.

We've scoured fashion shows, social media feeds and magazines to bring you the five fall trends that will be blowing up your Instagram this season!

Colorful Makeup

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to setting trends. This season we can anticipate her bold makeup looks to spread like wildfire. Try easing yourself into the trend by adopting a bold-colored nail or lip before you go full-face with the trend. Opt for colors that complement your outfits. Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades until you find the perfect one for you.

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Captain Style Hats

Leave it to another Hadid to kick off a trend we won't be able to get away from this fall. Captain style hats were all the rage on runways and we've slowly seen them make their way into our favorite Instagram feeds, including Bella's. A pro tip is to purchase an original Greek fisherman hat instead of a designer version of this style. The original fisherman hat will set you back around $15 and has a durability that can match any designer topper.


Tiny '90s-Style Sunglasses

We can't count how many starlets we've spotted with this trend but we can surely predict that the numbers will only rise this fall. The tiny sunglass trend hit us by storm, and thankfully a lot of budget-conscience brands have started to offer those designs. Lower prices are great because although this trend is sure to carry out all the way to winter, we don't anticipate it living for too long. You shouldn't spend too much on this trend, a cheap pair of sunnies will do!

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'80s-Style Eyebrows

Although our eyewear is going '90s, our eyebrows are going '80s for fall. The feathery eyebrow look is back and taking the fashion world by storm. It's great news for us because this means less upkeep. To achieve this look, grow out your own brows for a minimum of eight weeks. Use a clear eyebrow gel to set them in place and voila! The hottest look for fall will only take you seconds to achieve each morning.

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Furry Sleeves

Furry sleeves have been spotted on all of our favorite designers' fall collections. We've seen this trend in both neutrals and big, bold shades. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, opt for a sleeve color that goes well with a lot of the bottoms you already own. Always shop for faux fur and make sure that the fur isn't so big that it becomes cumbersome when you wear it for a prolonged period of time.

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