This Touching Story Proves that Falling in Love Isn't Just for Grown Ups

In general, preschool isn't a time that we expect to meet the love of our life. But for Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel, that is exactly what happened.

At three years old, Matt declared his love for his preschool playmate, Laura, vowing that one day she would be his wife. Sadly, their young romance came to an end when the pair attended different elementary schools.

3-Year-Old Laura and Matt in a Swimming Pool

(via Facebook @Laura+MattGrodsky)

After years of growing up apart, they were finally reunited by a mutual friend during their freshman year of high school. Their reunion was the end of their days apart, and the young couple stayed together through all four years of high school and college.

On May 23, 2015, Matt decided to live up to his promise. On the front lawn of this preschool, Matt asked Laura to marry him and she gladly accepted.

Twenty years after their love story first began, the couple said "I do."

Laura and Matt on Their Wedding Day

(via Facebook @Laura+MattGrodsky)

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