What to Do If Your Family Doesn't Approve of the Way You Dress

It's pretty much a given that your parents aren't going to get your style choices.

While you're just following the top trends you see on your Insta, your family has their own idea of what you should be wearing. Whether they think your favorite clothes are inappropriate, or they just don't get the vibe you're going for, constantly debating and justifying your style choices to your fam can get annoying.

Keep scrolling for our best tips on what to do if your family doesn't approve of your style.

Talk It Out

Solving any problem starts with actually addressing the issue. If you want to get your family on board with your style, you have to talk to them about why they disapprove. Sit your parents down and ask them what's wrong with your clothes. Even though it might be frustrating to hear all their critiques, it will give you an idea of the real issue. Do they think the things you're wearing aren't fashionable? Or are they uncomfortable because you're dressing too old for your age? Do they feel like you reveal too much skin? These questions can only be answered through a simple convo with your family, which will give you a much better idea of why they're always side-eyeing your style choices.

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Agree On Some Ground Rules

Once you understand the problems your parents have with your clothes, you can establish ground rules that will make both of you happy. Guidelines are particularly useful when your family thinks your clothes are inappropriate. Instead of fighting every time you put a new outfit together, you gain an idea of what will appease your parents. You may have to give up some of your treasured garments, but it's worth it to stop the fashion wars in your home.

By asking your parents for rules, you show that you're willing to work with them and adjust your style to make them feel comfortable. Plus, you open up a conversation that allows you to give your input on what's appropriate and what's not. Instead of conforming completely to their idea of proper style, you can fight for a middle ground that will make both of you happy.


Follow the Guidelines

Once you set the rules, you have to follow them. Trying to get around the guidelines and wear the clothes you actually want won't end well. You have to show your parents that you respect their decision and that you're willing to abide by their rules, at least until you're an adult. Not only will that stop the fighting in your house, it will also show your parents that you're working with them, instead of against them. The more you show that you're willing to follow their guidelines, the more willing they'll be to loosen the reigns on your style.

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Be Confident

Sometimes your family disapproves of your style simply because they don't like it. They don't think it's inappropriate, but they also think you look a little silly. In those situations, you have to be confident. While it can feel uncomfortable to wear what you want when your family clearly doesn't like your clothes, confidence is key to embracing any outfit.

Remember that your family may not understand the reigning styles of the moment. They're not keeping up with contemporary fashion trends—it's likely that they just don't get it. And even if you look back in a few years and decide you did look silly, it doesn't matter. Finding your style takes a lot of trial and error. If you like the outfit, that should be enough to strut into any room with confidence. Who cares what your family thinks?


Get Creative

The best part about being a style guru is knowing how to bring versatility into your outfits. Your family may not approve of how you wear a certain garment in one outfit, but a new combination might be enough to make them happy. If your family doesn't approve of your style, don't scrap the whole thing and start again. Find a way to switch it up that will make your family happy, while still creating an outfit that feels like you. It may be annoying and frustrating in the moment, but it will also expand your style skills and teach you how to create brand new combinations on the fly.

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Be Patient

The hard truth is that your family has quite a bit of control over your style, especially when you're growing up. If you're unlucky enough to have parents who disapprove of what you wear, there's only so much you can do. While style is an important part of expressing yourself, it's still just clothes. Have some patience with your family and don't let their rules get you down. Eventually, you'll be able to wear whatever you want. Until then, find ways to embrace your style while wearing clothes that will make your family happy.


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