7 Reasons You Should Binge-Watch Famous in Love This Weekend

Right now is a solid time for teen-centric television.

Once we rapidly made our way through 13 Reasons Why, we fulfilled our love for drama with a two-day Hulu binge of Famous in Love and we are totally obsessed.

The addictive Freeform program, produced by Pretty Little Liars' creator I. Marlene King, is basically a modern-day soap opera, but featuring a young crowd. There's never a dull moment in this Bella Thorne-starring show about an aspiring actress who gets her lucky Hollywood break, and we're here to tell you why you need to spend your weekend watching away!

Life just got a whole lot crazier for Paige. Watch #FamousInLove LIVE with the cast TONIGHT at 9/8c on @Freeform.

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1. The Acting Is Solid

Some teen shows tend to get a little cheesy, but you won't find that here! Bella and the rest of the cast (many of them inexperienced) put their best acting foot forward, making their characters and their storylines totally believable. It also doesn't hurt that the show provides excellent character development.


2. The Cast Is Gorgeous

So much eye candy, so little time! Famous in Love delivers Young Hollywood at its finest. From the handsome lead frenemies (Carter Jenkins and Keith Powers) to beautiful Bella and her two BFF roomie babes (Charlie DePew and Georgie Flores), to the supporting cast (Niki Koss and Pepi Sonuga) and even the moms (Perrey Reeves and Vanessa L. Williams), there is truly no shortage of hotness on this show.

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3. It's Based in Sunny Los Angeles, California

Want to feel like you're right on the Warner Bros. lot near Hollywood like real actors and actresses? Most of the show takes place right there, giving you a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at where so many real stars film. And when the show isn't filming at the lot, you're getting a fun general view of its local surroundings.


4. Its Dishy Plot Is Super Easy to Follow

Soap opera-esque shows can occasionally be challenging to keep up with because there's always some new unraveling scheme to follow, but even though there's never a dull moment on F.I.L., everything is comprehensive. Even in our quick binge, we were never left scratching our head, wondering if we missed something or curious where some character came from.


5. Bella Is Very Likable in the Lead Role

We all know (and love) how wild and free Bella is IRL and on social media, but this role has her playing the girl next door, as naive, but intelligent Paige Townsen, a fresh-faced aspiring actress. Beyond loyal to her friends and true to herself, the starlet plays someone any of us would want to get to know.

"just out here dodging golf carts and bikes at the Warner lot like it's nbd" – @BellaThorne #BellaTakeover #FamousInLove

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6. Viewers Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Life as an Actor

A lot of what we read in the tabloids is actually true, and this show brings to life many of the shady happenings that go down in Hollywood. From friend betrayals, to cheating and wheeling and dealing, you'll get to see that life as a famous person certainly has its downfalls.


7. The Season Finale Brings You a Major Cliffhanger

Don't worry—we're not going to give it away! But just know that the final episode out of the 10 in the first season will have you on the edge of your seat.


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