Fan Writes Song About Being Bieber's Girl

Have you ever fantasized about spending a day with Justin Bieber, or perhaps you wrote a song about it? Michaela Wallace, a 14-year-old from Missouri, has taken this "fantasy", and made it a reality with her debut track titled, "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend".

In the song, she paints a picture of what it'd be like to be The apple of the Bieb's eye, and with catchy lyrics and a Party in The USA vibe, the song gets stuck in your head instantly.

"18,000 other girls here but he'll be looking at me/ Then  I'll hold up a homemade sign 'Will you marry me?'/ Ready for the lights to go down/ Everybody stomp your feet!"

Fun fact: Not only does Michaela have a crush on Justin, she's actually hung out with back stage- hence the awesome video game sequence in the music video.

Check it out for yourself right here: