This Facial Massager Is a Workout for Your Face

We've all heard of booty and ab exercises, but did you know there are workouts for your face, too?

I was a bit of a skeptic when I found out about this new trend last year, but after doing lots of research and listening to some of my favorite influencers (like Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential,) I'm now a believer. Fancii & Co. developed their own at-home version of a face workout—The Remi Facial Massager ($47). I must say, I had lots of fun figuring this baby out. Keep reading for my full review!

The Brand

Fancii & Co. is most commonly known for their cult-favorite mirrors, which have helped women all over to finally have good lighting while doing their daily makeup routines. Because let's face it—if you're doing your makeup in bad lighting, who knows what it's going to look like when you go outside? I for one have been victim to bad lighting and have walked out looking unblended and the opposite of au natural.

In addition to vanity, compact and magnifying mirrors, Fancii & Co. also has a selection of tools to choose from, including a cleansing brush, a rose quartz roller and more.


The Product

Remi Facial Massager: $43

Upon opening the sleek box, I was met with a beautiful facial massager and a set of directions. Sometimes, the directions included with products are either way too vague, or way too detailed. These directions, however, were just right.

The massager itself includes 30 small germanium stones as well as a rose quartz stone, which I'll get into a bit more below.

There are a few general rules of thumb to follow—like sanitizing the device before and after using it. Additionally, there are images with arrows indicating where exactly to use the device. Once I thoroughly read through everything, I got to it.

After cleansing the Remi, I put on my current go-to facial oil from Elemis, the Pro-Collagen Roe Facial Oil ($79). Using an oil or moisturizer of some sort actually helps the device do its job and prevents tugging or stretching of the skin. So, after my skin was nice and glowy from the oil, I picked up the massager and started to give my face a mini workout!

For this part, I was massaging my face with the wand side embedded with the 30 small germanium stones. I started out with the neck, then moved onto my cheeks, forehead, jawline and chin. This is said to promote collagen production, blood circulation and improve skin texture with regular use. It's recommended to use the device for 30 seconds on each area, so after doing 30 seconds of each area on both sides of my face, it was time for the fun part.

At the end of the handle is a rose quartz stone, and this is to be used on more sensitive areas of the skin. I applied mini sweeping motions to my eyes and brows, as well as small circular motions to my temples. This was definitely the best part for me, and I literally felt the tension in my temples melt away. Since the stone is accessing acupressure points on the body, it can help with nausea, tension, headaches and even puffiness. Sign me up!


Bottom Line

Since I've only used the Fancii & Co. Remi Facial Massager a handful of times, I can't speak to the long-term effects, such as improved skin texture. What I can tell you, is that it worked immediately with reducing tension and puffiness. So, if you work for hours on end on a laptop every day like me, headaches are a real thing, and the Remi Facial Massager will help! I can't wait to see even more results as I continue to use it.


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