Fancy Cover By Cimorelli!

Cimorelli's latest cover is a creative reinterpretation of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy"!Fancy Cover Iggy Azalea Cimorelli

We love the way the new video shows off Lauren and Dani's talents as rappers, and also lets the girls be themselves and show off their inner goofballs!

It's also great to hear this clean version of 'Fancy" that anyone can enjoy!

The video also shares a bunch of hilarious footage from Cimorelli's time filming the video as they show off their best tai chi and yoga moves.

The video appears to have been recorded on the day of DigiFestUK on May 4th, and also shares some video from their appearance there!

Cimorelli still have two big DigiFest shows to go, with DigiFest New York on June 7th, and DigiFest Toronto taking place on June 14!

The girls have also been teasing an exciting announcement coming on June 3rd. We absolutely cannot air to see what that will be!

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