5 Affordable Items Fancy French Girls Are Obsessed With Right Now

French girls have a certain fashion "je ne sais quoi."

This quintessential French saying means that you can't quite put your finger on it, but you know it's there. Their unfussy glamour has made them fashion icons for decades, and this spring, you can mimic their effortless style with the five accessories below!

French girl overlooking balcony

(via Unsplash)

A (Subtly) Bold Lip

Although calling a lip color "subtly bold" may sound like an oxymoron, you need to hear us out on this one. French girls are known for effortless beauty, and a simple red lip wouldn't be their style. This spring, they're opting for bold colors in formulas that achieve a "just bitten" look. This means staying away from super pigmented Kylie-cosmetics types and instead reaching for a lip crayon that will let your natural lip shade shine through. A perfect option would be C'est Moi's Luminary Lip Crayons. These nourishing creamy sticks come in six bold shades, and our favorite is perfect red called Ruby.

red lip crayon

(via C'est Moi)


Dainty Jewelry

French girls pride themselves on looking like they aren't trying too hard. For this reason, big hoops and loud jewelry are a definite no-no, as they may send the wrong message. Simple jewelry with unique details is what girls in Paris will be reaching for this spring. These Faye Crescent Cluster Stud earrings from the brand Sterling Forever are the perfect accessory. These are dainty and sophisticated all at the same time, while also packing a serious style punch.


earring cluster

(via Sterling Forever)


No-Fuss Skincare to Create a Clean Canvas

French girls are known for their no-makeup looks and great skin. They also pride themselves on not being fussy about their skincare routines. For that reason, The Better Skin Co's Lava Magik is the perfect product. Made with actual volcanic lava from France (how cool is that?!), this product is a scrub, mask and cleanser all in one. In addition to volcanic lava, this product is enriched with calendula, sweet orange, grapeseed oils and chamomile—the ultimate combo for healthy skin. This potion creates the perfect canvas for a typical no-makeup look.

lava mask(via Ulta)


Sophisticated Topper

A key to French sophistication is looking stylish without wearing too many trends. One trendless accessory that can add instant style is a hat. This spring, opt for cute, wide-brimmed options that double as an extra sun protection layer. Straw hats are in style year 'round and can be paired with everything from bikinis to cute jeans and heels. This version from Hat Attack has the French word for "thank you" embroidered.  It will make you fit right on your next Parisian getaway (or daydream).


straw hat with "merci"
(via Hat Attack)


Chic Flat Shoes

Shoes can make you feel like a million bucks (even if they don't cost much), and fancy French girls understand that. They always opt for easy, flat styles that pair well with skirts, jeans or dresses. This black and white pair below is so chic you won't want to take them off. The style is from the Katy Perry collection and is available in other shades.


(via Amazon)


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