I Wore an Empowering 'Fantasy Stone' to See If It Could Help Me Live a Better Life

I firmly believe that setting positive intentions at the beginning of the day can subtly shape everything that happens afterward.

Still, a lot can happen during the day, so I find it really helpful to keep around a physical reminder to help me maintain those good vibes no matter what happens.

That's why Emily McDowell's Fantasy Stones immediately caught my eye when I spotted them while scrolling through my Insta feed.


These stunning enamel pins resemble crystals and each represent their own empowering ideal. I reached out to the company, which was kind enough to send a Persistethyst Fantasy Stone my way. Once it arrived, I set out to wear it every day for a week to see if—and how—it might impact my mindset.

The Product

Fantasy Stones are adorable enamel pins that symbolize a powerful message, reminding you throughout the day to embody those ideas yourself. The concept is similar to surrounding yourself with healing crystals, but they're attached with more modern sentiments. Though no real crystals are involved, with the right perspective, they can be just as good as the real thing.

I requested the Persistethyst which "enhances feminist energy," but the line has six different stones in total. There's also a Comparison Stone to prevent you from comparing yourself to others, Birthday Quartz for celebrating yourself, and Romancerine to improve your dating life. The grownups in your life may also enjoy the Functional Adultinite and Parentite stones.

For such adorable pins, they're a deal at $12 a piece—but you don'just get the pin when you buy one. The card inside, which explains the qualities of the Fantasy Stone, is actually a blank greeting card and comes with an envelope, making it a great gift. Plus, The pins are affixed to your clothes with a magnet, rather than an actual pin.


According to the Persistethyst card, it "absorbs exhaustion from maintaining pretty smile despite simmering rage" and "releases frustration caused by double standards, mansplainers, and not being taken seriously as a human." I think those are some pretty handy powers for any woman to have in her arsenal.



The Experience

When my Persistethyst stone arrived, I was thrilled to see that it looked as good in person as it did online. The pin itself features amazing colors with a gorgeous matte finish, accented by shiny golden line art. I also love pins, but don't enjoy poking holes in my clothes in order to wear them, and I was excited to put it on right away.

Since I don't typically wear pins, a lot of people noticed it right away. I got quite a few compliments on it, and though it took me a while to explain what it meant every time, I eventually got my pitch down to a succinct science, and it felt totally worth the hassle. The more other people noticed the pin, the more I remembered that I was on a mission to remain persistent.

Thankfully, over the course of the week, I didn't really have any trouble with "simmering rage" or mansplainers, but I felt ready to take on those things if I encountered them. In my personal life, I tried to take on difficult situations head-on and got better outcomes than when I've taken a more passive role. Each day I felt more proactive than usual, and it helped me to get what I wanted out of those days.

The final day of my experiment appropriately fell on election day, and I did use some of my "feminist energy" to urge people to vote. Despite a little bit of anxiety about the whole ordeal, the stone reminded me to keep going and maintain a positive attitude even when things got tough. In the end, I think that energy paid off.



Bottom Line

For just $12, a Fantasy Stone makes an awesome gift (even if it's just a gift to yourself). Obviously, if you don't buy into this kind of thing, it likely won't do anything for you, but if you do believe in the strength of mindfulness and intentionality, it might be exactly what you need to carve out your own path to success. It's stylish, doesn't require you to leave any holes in your outfits and can inspire you to lead a better life. Sounds like a win-win to me.


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