Calling All Future Fashion Designers—This Summer Camp Is for You

One of the great things about summer is you have a lot more free time to focus on things you actually enjoy doing.

If fashion has always been an area of interest for you, then we've found the perfect way for you to spend your summer days—Fashion Camp in Tustin, California.

Teaching you the ins and outs of sketching, draping and sewing, you'll be a design master by the time your counselors are done with you.

Everything from T-shirts and skirts to pillows, purses and even sunglass cases are on the table when it comes to what you can create at this wondrous place.

Regardless of your experience, there's a class for you.

Almost all of the classes are held over a period of five days for no more than three hours each day.

If a five-day camp seems like too much for you, they also have one-day sketching and sewing classes so you can still master these important skills.

But what do you do if your summer is already booked with tons of fun activities? You don't have to throw a fit, because Fashion Camp hosts classes year round.

We know you're ready to sign up, so to see the camp's full schedule, head over HERE.


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