The Easiest Way to DIY Your Very Own Holiday Sweater

Donning a cheesy sweater is a holiday tradition just as important as caroling, drinking eggnog and decorating your home. You just can't fully appreciate all the holidays have to offer unless you're rocking this festive attire.

They're not hard to come by, which means there's a high possibility of running into someone with the same sweater as you at your next festival gathering. Talk about a total holiday faux pas.

This problem has a simple solution, thanks in large part to the wonderful folks at Fashion Camp in Tustin, California.

Ugly holiday sweaters created at Fashion Camp

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

During December, the creative learning space hosts their very own ugly holiday sweater workshops where anyone and everyone can design their own unique sweater.

They provide the sweater, supplies and inspiration. All you have to do is come ready to design.

We were lucky enough to attend one of their classes, and it was just as exciting as it sounds.

When we walked in, the various holiday sweater designs immediately caught our eyes. Cheerful and bright, we couldn't wait to make our own.

Fashion Camp's holiday sweaters workshop table

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

After taking in all the fun designs, we decided to create a classic snowman sweater.

We kicked things off by tracing the snowman body, head, arms, nose, hat and bowtie onto felt and then cutting them out. Once that was done, we laid the pieces on our sweater to see how they looked.

Next, we grabbed plenty of buttons to for the snowman's eyes and smile. We even placed some snowflakes around the snowman for added effect.

After carefully laying out our snowman, it was finally time to glue. Though there were quite a few pieces to our little guy, it didn't take all that long for him to come to life on our sweater.

DIY snowman ugly holiday sweater

(Photo courtesy of Ashley Locke)

We're pretty happy with how our snowman turned out. Frosty ain't got nothing on him.

Though these sweaters look totally intricate and like you'd need to be ridiculously crafty to make them, literally anyone can make one of these ugly ensembles. All you really need on your side is some holiday cheer, and the peeps at Fashion Camp will help you create a the cutest ugly sweater anyone has ever seen.

If you want to design your own ugly holiday sweater at Fashion Camp, check out their schedule HERE.

Fashion Camp even hosts Santa's Workshop, where you can create gifts for everyone on your holiday list, including yourself. You can find the full schedule of those classes HERE.


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