12 Stylish Influencers to Follow for Every Type of Fashion Inspo

If you're struggling to find playful fashion inspo, you've come to the right place.

Whether you consider your style girly, tomboyish, chic or minimalistic, we've got you covered with the most fashionable influencers in the business, each with the best creative styles for your look. Make sure to keep scrolling for the hottest 12 influencers you should be following.

If you're into wild, fun and unique looks, here are the fashion-forward women you should definitely follow:

1. Devon Carlson

Devon Carlson is a social media marvel. Known for her YouTube vlogs with her sister Sydney, Devon has proven to be an absolute fashion icon. Together the duo founded the spunky phone case company Wildflower Cases. At 26 years old, Devon is constantly setting the trends for each season. She has a purse and a pair of sunnies for every fit! She is the girl to follow for her one-of-a-kind style and love for unique pieces.


2. Lucy Rae McFadin

Lucy Rae McFadin is known for her experimental taste in fashion. Her aesthetically pleasing social media presence is definitely worth talking about, and she is undeniably herself. And not only does she have fashionable photos on Instagram, but to better get to know her fashion tastes, you can also follow her on TikTok and YouTube.


3. Suede Brooks

Suede Brooks is more than just a TikTok sensation. At the age of 20, Suede has blown up because of her creative fashion looks. She is lively with her pieces and accessorizes each outfit to a tee. She is a color-coordinated goddess and has created her own brand, Suede by Suede. Her glamourous makeup and her fearlessness to be bold keep her at the forefront of fashion.

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Now, to stay on top of the 2021 trend of light colors and patterned styles, check out these few influencers that will keep you in the loop:

1. Kezia Rose Cook

Kezia Rose Cook has moved on from her old neutral style to stay on trend with the year's bold and colorful trends. She flawlessly shifts between neutrals and vibrant rainbows with the seasons, managing to always stay completely on-trend. With a fun heel and a new purse for every look, Kezia definitely deserves your follow.


2. Chloe Frater

Chloe Frater doesn't just know how to pose to perfection—she also is the queen of aesthetics. She makes the United Kingdom look like a fairytale land with her combination of lifestyle photos and her latest style choices. Chloe's adventurous style choices will not only make you wish you had it, all but make you rethink how to combine your clothing into new looks!


3. Michelle Driscoll

For a soft, girly look, Michelle Driscoll has you covered. Her sweet aesthetic will make your head turn. Michelle has her own fashion collection with FRANKS London which deserves a slot in your wardrobe. Her love for flowy dresses and iconic mix-match fits will make you want to follow suit.


Next, for edgier looks, these influencers have you covered:

1. Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett, known for her TikTok page as well as her incredible musical talent, is also a style icon. Her punk rock look is a combination of chunky jewelry, bulky boots and dark-colored clothing. If this is your kind of style, give Nessa a follow. Leather, layers chains, and tees are what you need to replicate her iconic looks.

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2. Jesse Jo Stark

Next on the edgy list is Jesse Jo Stark. With Jesse's androgynous style, she makes everything look sexy. Whether it's a vest, baggy jeans or collared shirts, she's always creating new ways to style men's clothing. Her bold style makes her a perfect influencer to follow for these trends.


3. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid gives a whole new meaning to edgy styles. She rocks her 2000s looks with baby tees, baggy jeans and loose trousers. She channels a classic Paris Hilton meets Britney Spears, and it is working great for her. Both her daytime and nighttime looks are eye-catching. If you are not already following Bella, make sure you do!

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Finally, if you are into neutrals and more minimalist looks, make sure to stop by these gals' Instagram pages:

1. Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield's Instagram has an outstanding balance of fashion and lifestyle. Her London aesthetic is inspiring to those who like a more natural look. White trousers, a black hoodie and a tan trench coat have never looked so good. Her eclectic use of neutrals will have you inspired to create similar looks.



2. Dylana Lim Suarez

Dylana Lim Suarez is a Chinese and Mexican creative influencer who lives in New York City. Her ability to be imaginative both in front and behind the camera is essential to her Instagram profile. She can make bright colors look minimal and create interesting poses to enchant her followers. Her artistry is unique to other influencers, so be sure to give her a follow for both artistic camera shots and style inspiration.


3. Malene Wallin Birkrem

Malene Wallin Birkrem dresses simply and makes everything look fantastic. She is very minimal with her outfit choices. If that's something you like, make sure to give her a follow. Her love for neutrals has developed over time, and she's mastered the look to make a statement.


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