Fashion Pieces We Think Your Fave Characters From Euphoria Would Wear

Euphoria is the show of the moment, and we're obsessed.

From the storyline to the characters and fashion, there's so much to love. And we're especially digging all the female roles! From Rue to Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Kat and Lexi, they each have unique styles we seriously can't get over. If you want to dress more like your favorite character, look below for the fashion pieces and outfits we think each girl from Euphoria would wear!

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Vagabond The Jacket and Beginning Boutique Tee Dress: $800 and $69.99

When we think of Rue, we picture her in a zip-up and jeans or sweats. She's all about comfort and never wears anything too girly. That's why we think she'd totally rock this leather jacket from Vagabond over this oversized tee from Beginning Boutique. Rue isn't one to care what people think about her, but if she's going out with Jules on a date, she'd definitely put in more effort and wear an outfit like this.


(via Vagabond and Beginning Boutique)


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Lâcher Prise Apparel Jasmine Dress: $399

Jules is the queen of sultry, and the moment we saw this dress, we could instantly picture her in it. Featuring a flowy silhouette and an open back, this sheer number from Lâcher Prise Apparel was practically made for Jules. She would definitely wear this to a weekend party or some sort of festival with her friends. Can't you just see her rocking this number, riding her bike down the street? We totally can!


(via Lâcher Prise Apparel)



Beginning Boutique Violet Blue Mesh Tee and Skirt: $39.99 and $39.99

Maddy loves to show a little (or a lot) of skin when she steps out the door. Whether she's going to school, a carnival or out with her besties, she loves wearing matching two-piece outfits, which is why we think she'd wear this set from Beginning Boutique. With bright colors, a crop top and a skirt that show off a lot of leg, Maddy would look like her best self in this stunner of a set.


(via Beginning Boutique)



Alamour the Label Arina Dress: $179

Cassie always looks sweet, demure and innocent, which is why we knew she'd love this dress from Alamour the Label! Featuring a frilly A-line bottom and a corset-inspired top, this girly dress is the epitome of Cassie. The floral pattern is something she'd wear and the over-the-shoulder details would catch her eye. We picture her wearing this on her next date!


(via Alamour the Label)



SKRT Gisella Jacket and Mini Skirt: $350 and $225

Kat is all about the goth look while still maintaining a sense of trendiness and sexiness. And when we saw this matching set from SKRT, we immediately pictured Kat in it. The zebra print is wild, like her, and she'd love the black and white aspect of the set itself. Plus, she'd also like the slit that goes up the side of the skirt! She'd wear this on her next trip walking around the mall or even to school.


(via SKRT)



Showpo Gina Bodice Mini Dress: $69.95

Raise your hand if you want Lexi and Fez to become a couple! We're so glad to see Lexi take on a bigger role this season, and with that comes more outfits we get to admire. Her style is completely different from everyone else, as she tends to be more modest. We think this dress from Showpo is right up her alley! Coming in a bright white color and a sweetheart neckline, she'd wear this to a party or on her way to see Fez.


(via Showpo)


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