No Wearing White After Labor Day…and 6 Other Outdated Fashion Faux Pas

Forget about school books—the one book you need to throw out the window is the outdated post-Labor Day style guide!

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When done correctly, fashion rules are meant to be broken. Get some tips on modeling your own unique style guide by ignoring these obsolete ideas:

1. You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

This rule has always been nearly impossible to follow anyway, so we are happy to say farewell. White is a summery color and can be made dirty quite easily in the fall as the season turns cold. But this classic faux pas is a total snore these days. With Labor Day now behind us this year, white is still welcome, just consider your fabrics. White denim jeans can potentially pair perfectly with an earth-toned sweater.

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2. You Can't Wear Denim on Denim

We affectionately refer to this outfit as the Canadian Tuxedo. This faux pas doesn't need to be avoided at all costs anymore, however the appropriate washes should be taken into account before attempting this look.


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3. Never Wear Socks Under Sandals

In your dad's case, he should still abide by this rule. But the adventurous fashionistas out there are now free to pair an ankle length (or higher) sock with a stylish sandal. Proceed cautiously because this look can either make or break an outfit. And remember, a little platform can go a long way.


4. You Can't Pair Black With Blue or Brown

This faux pas is living in the past. Sure, brown and blue may be relatively close to black, but that doesn't mean you can't pair them together as happily as red and green on Christmas! Black goes with anything and everything! Selena Gomez rocked this color clash while breaking another one of our fave fashion rules (see No. 3)!

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5. Mixing Patterns Is a No-No

Gone are the days of choosing between your favorite polka dot skirt and striped shirt. Sounds a little crazy, but fashion is meant to push boundaries! While this faux pas is a thing of the past, take special care when you mix and match your patterned apparel because as with everything else, there's a right and wrong way to rock this style.


6. Leggings Are Not Pants

Yeah yeah, we've heard it all before. When leggings first came into style it was a major faux pas to wear them without another bottom: skirt, dress, shorts (if you can believe it). Today it's totally fine to pull on a pair of your favorite leggings—yoga or otherwise—without adding another layer. This look is perfect for the days you just don't want to sacrifice comfort for cuteness.

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7. You Can't Wear All Grey

Just like the Canadian Tuxedo, one of our favorite colors used to be banned from monopolizing an outfit. But bring on the neutral grey tones because fall is just around the corner and that means a grey OOTD to match the cloudy skies above. Pair a light wash denim jean with a darker knit sweater and you have an outfit ready for a coffee date with your BFF.

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It actually feels really good to throw the fashion rule book out the window. Now that you know which rules to ignore this season, go back to school in style with THESE "It Girl" trends.