5 Face Mask and Sunglasses Chains That ACTUALLY Look Cool

If you want to spice up your mask game, listen up.

Since the start of the pandemic, wearing masks has become a new normal-turned-daily necessity for us. A lot of people have been converting this rather dull face coverup into a cute accessory with different kinds of prints, fabrics and colors. While it is undoubtedly imperative to wear a mask for its protective purposes, we have to admit that taking your mask on and off can be troublesome. Why not turn to an accessory that is both stylish and functional for our daily mask usage?

Let us introduce you to five mask chains that will complement your outfits and help you with your mask placement at the same time. And the best news is that most mask chains can double as sunglasses chains as well!

Bauble Bar Mask Chain: $12 

Who doesn't love a simple gold chain? Starting off with a classic option, we have this beautiful gold chain that will quite literally go with every gold accessory that you have. This 28" chain has the perfect width and is an ideal way to spice up your outfit while not stealing the spotlight. Even better, it is currently at 50% off. 

a gold mask chain on a white background

(via Bauble Bar)


Sterling Forever Silver Mask Chain: $60

Not a fan of gold? Do not worry, because we've got you covered. Here, we have the perfect silver chain for you. We love how delicate and elegant it is. We can picture wearing this with a black mask and a girly white dress. Just imagine how great of a summer outfit it would make. 

a silver mask chain on a white background

(via Sterling Forever)


MaMaMooUS Mask Chain: $6.75 

Diverging from the classic silver and gold options, we are now going for some fun colors to incorporate into our outfits. Starting off with green—one of the trendiest colors this season—this acrylic mask chain is a super fun addition to your accessory collection. The thing we love most about this chain are its pattern and its gorgeous shades of emerald green.

a green mask chain on a white background

(via MaMaMooUS)


Gelareh Mizrahi Kirakira Face Covering Chain Strap: $38.50

We all need some color in our lives, don't we? This rainbow beaded mask chain is the ideal way to achieve that. It features metal clips at the ends and a "Gelareh" pendant, making it even more special.

a rainbow beaded mask chain on a white background

(via Gelareh Mizrahi)


Frasier Sterling Luv Me Face Mask Chain: $28

Last but not least, this chain incorporates two aforementioned elements—gold and color. We are in love with this gold chain with baby pink heart pendants. It is made from 14k gold-plated brass, and it is just the cutest addition to your everyday outfits. 

a gold chain with pink hearts on a white background

(via Frasier Sterling)


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