A Definitive Ranking of Fast Food Chicken Sandwiches, From Worst to Best

We take fried chicken very seriously.

When it comes to fast food, we don't want to waste our time on subpar chicken sandwiches. That's why we taste-tested the standard chicken sandwiches from each fast food joint and ranked them for you below.

11. Jack in the Box – Chicken Sandwich

While Jack in the Box has some tasty chicken sandwiches on their menu, the basic sandwich is extra basic. The ground chicken patty is reminiscent of something from the freezer aisle, though it does have a crispy, crumb-like coating. It winds up feeling like one weird, burger-shaped chicken nugget on a bun with soggy lettuce and mayo, leaving a lot to be desired.

Jack in the box chicken sandwich

(via Jack in the Box)


10. Burger King – Original Chicken Sandwich

This Burger King sandwich is just a small step up from the Jack in the Box offering. Again, the ground chicken patty was like one over-seasoned chicken fry on a long bun. The shredded lettuce was also wilted and sad, and the big, dry bun didn't do it any favors.

Burger King original chicken sandwich

(via Burger King)


9. Dairy Queen – Crispy Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich from Dairy Queen actually features real chicken breast with a nice, crispy breading. However, it's brought down by shredded lettuce, which just doesn't hold up, and the toasted bun absorbs all of the liquid and gets extra soggy, extra fast.

Dairy Queen crispy chicken sandwich

(via Dairy Queen)


8. Sonic – Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Starting with a soft, whole wheat bun and fresh-tasting veggies, this sandwich is juicy all-white meat, with a nice crunch. Unfortunately, the chicken itself is a little bland, bringing it down a few steps on the list.Sonic classic crispy chicken sandwich

(via Sonic)


7. Popeye's – Chicken Po'boy

If you like Popeye's chicken tenders, you'll probably like this sandwich. It's two strips with lettuce, pickles and mayo on a roll. While Popeye's calls it a baguette, it doesn't have the crunch of one. Instead, it resembles a soft submarine sandwich bread. Still, it's pretty tasty.

Popeye's Chicken Po' Boy

(via Popeye's)


6. McDonald's – Classic Chicken Sandwich

This extra crunchy sandwich may have more breading around the chicken breast than most sandwiches, but we're still fans. It's topped with pickles and flavorful Big Mac sauce. If there's a downside, it's that the chicken is almost too big for the bun, making it squish under the pressure.

McDonald's classic chicken sandwich

(via McDonald's)


5. Wendy's – Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Wendy's knows how to do a chicken sandwich right, even when it's their simplest offering. The chicken is an all white meat breast, and it has a peppery, delicious breading with all the crunch you could ask for, plus a softly tempting bun. While the lettuce does tend to wilt, we can't fault it too much for that.

Wendy's Crispy Chicken sandwich

(via Wendy's)


4. Carl's Jr – The Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Carl's Jr is serious about chicken sandwiches. This one comes on a soft, shiny bun, with tender, crisp chicken that's fried to perfection. For some reason, this sandwich comes with way too much lettuce and tomato—but we can always pick it out.

Carl's Jr the Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich

(via Carl's Jr)


3. KFC – Crispy Colonel Sandwich

Because KFC specializes in fried chicken, it makes sense that this sandwich is really, really good. It's enormous, with a huge piece of chicken that's as crunchy and satisfying as their Extra Crispy variety chicken. Nestled between two tasty buns, it only needs mayo and pickles to taste totally complete.

KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich

(via KFC)


2. Chick-fil-A – Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich

Chick-fil-A's chicken sandwiches set the bar super high. They're less crispy than almost every other item on this list, but they don't have to have that classic crunch to be flawless. The chicken is juicy, fresh and clearly of high quality. The sweet, buttered bun, complete with a pickle or two, gives it a nice finishing touch.

Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich

(via Chick-fil-A)


1. Arby's – Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich

We were surprised to see this sandwich from Arby's top the list, but it's unparalleled. The texture of the crispy breading wonderfully complements the white meat of the chicken breast, the veggies are super fresh and the bun seems fancier and tastier than all the others. Still, it's the buttermilk flavor on the chicken sets this one apart.

Arby's buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich

(via Arby's)


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