Fast Food Options to Order If You Don't Eat Meat

Whether you're a long-time vegetarian or a recent convert to the plant-based lifestyle, there's a good chance that you're already familiar with the hardship of finding food options you can actually eat when traveling (or when you just really need something that's both fast and cheap).

Your choices, in general, to pick from the menu are pretty slim, but actually decent choices? Those can seem nearly non-existent. But if you ever find yourself in the boat of being on a road trip or otherwise in need of a fast food fix and you're not sure what to pick, we've got good news: there are some options out there for you! You'll notice that a lot of these tend to be from Taco Bell, which happens to be the savior of traveling vegans everywhere (if you know you know), but we've laid out some options from a few other drive-through options for when you need them. With all that said, let's take a delicious deep dive into fast food options to order if you don't eat meat.

Meatless Options From Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a favorite of people all over the country, and for good reason… their fried chicken sandwiches! But as for meatless options, there aren't a ton of options to choose from. We absolutely adore the mac 'n cheese… it's seriously delicious. And if you're looking to be more healthy, we like the Superfood Side salad featuring kale, dried cherries and other goodies. However, this one is tiny, so make sure you order a few if you're trying to actually fill up.


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Meatless Options From McDonald's:

You might want to stick to sweeter items or a classic hash brown from Mcdonald's when it comes to meatless options. It's slim pickings for sure, but the chain does have tons of veggie options at their international branches, so fingers crossed they come here soon.


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Meatless Items From Starbucks

While you may think of Starbucks as more of a way to satisfy your caffeine craving or your sweet tooth, they actually have some solid meal options if you're willing to spend a few extra bucks on something that's fast but actually tastes good. We recommend:

  • The Impossible Breakfast Sandwich
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Panini
  • Chickpea Bites and Avocado Protein Box
  • Oatmeal
  • Bagel (preferably with avocado spread)


Meatless Items From Dunkin'

If Dunkin' Donuts is more your vibe, then you've still got plenty of options to choose from. We're skipping right past the sugary stuff and recommending the avocado toast, which is shockingly good for a fast food version of your go-to brunch order.


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Meatless Options From Taco Bell

If you're fully vegan or just trying to be a little healthier with your fast food pick, you might be surprised that Taco Bell is going to be your haven. First of all, you can order just about anything on the menu with beans instead of beef to make it vegetarian, and to go the extra step and make it vegan you just have to ask for your food "fresco style." But when it comes to meat-free items you can simply order right from the menu, you can choose from:

  • Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito
  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch
  • Bean Burrito
  • Spicy Potato Taco (if they ever bring it back)


Meatless Options From Burger King

Plot twist: Burger King has actually been rocking the vegetarian options for way longer than most, even before eating plant-based really took off and options were suddenly needed to fill a once niche market. Nowadays, if you just need a burger, they've got a decent Impossible Whopper that can fill you up your way.


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Meatless Options From Chipotle

Even if you don't personally classify Chipotle as "fast food," you can't deny that it deserves a mention on this list. It's a safe bet thanks mostly to the customizability of each meal, which is why we'd recommend getting your favorite bowl/tacos/burrito with either:

  • Just fajita veggies, in which case you get free guac
  • Sofritas if you want something a little more filling (and are okay with paying for your own guac)


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