A Definitive Ranking of Fast Food Pies

Fast food desserts can be pretty hit-or-miss—particularly when it comes to the pies.

If you're not yet an expect on the pies of fast food, scroll through our definitive ranking to uncover which ones are worth buying (and worth passing on entirely).

12. Popeye's Georgia Pecan Pie

While we think it's pretty daring to sell a fast food version of pecan pie, the execution is all wrong. It's just a thawed out version of a frozen fast food pie, resulting in a gooey mess. The crust, as well as the pecans, get too soggy, and there's not a pecan to be seen in the layer of oversweet sugar filling in between. We think it's a hard pass.


11. Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake

Popeye's just can't catch a break on this list. While the purple, green and yellow sprinkles on top make this dessert visually appealing, the taste isn't there. It has a soggy crust and a sweet filling that resembles the taste of canned frosting more than cheesecake.

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10. Burger King Dutch Apple Pie

Burger King is usually the king of pies, but their Dutch apple pie simply doesn't do it for us. In an attempt to recreate a "real" slice of freshly cut pie, the sides are open, allowing all of the filling to ooze out. Also, this is a frozen pie that's microwaved before it's served to customers, so its contents can range from scalding hot to still-frozen. Handle with care.

9. Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanada

On the outside, Taco Bell's caramel apple empanada looks flawless. Its crispy, flaky outside is just what you'd expect. However, once you bite it, it's not as impressive. The filling is almost entirely caramel, with the apple bits nowhere to be found. It's far too sweet. Worst yet, we find that they're typically lukewarm in the center.


8. Arby's Cherry Turnover/ Arby's Apple Turnover

Save the filling, Arby's cherry and apple turnovers are identical. While the crusts are deliciously flaky, they can also be a bit dry, and there doesn't seem to be enough filling for the size of the pastry. They're also coated with a thick stream of icing, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal tastes.

Earmuffs, kids

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7. McDonald's Strawberry & Crème Pie

McDonald's strawberry & crème pie won't appeal to everyone, but we happen to think it's delicious. The firm, tasty crust is similar to that of a McDonald's apple pie, but the filling is quite different. On one half is a jelly-like strawberry filling, and on the other half if a cream cheesy creme. Your mileage will depend on what you think of the two flavors in tandem.


6. Popeye's Cinnamon Apple Pie

Popeye's redeemed itself with their cinnamon apple pie. It's everything you'd expect from a fast food apple pie, including a crispy crust and delicious cinnamon apple pie filling. It's also deliciously coated with a thin layer of cinnamon sugar.


5. Rally's/Checkers Cinnamon Apple Pie

Cinnamon apple hand pies are hard to mess up. Like the others on this list, it's got a delicious flaky crust and a sweet and tart cinnamon apple interior, with a dusting of cinnamon sugar on the outside. We think it's just a bit better than Popeye's.


4. Jack in the Box's NY Style Cheesecake

Jack in the Box's little cheesecake may look unassuming, but it'very good. It's elegantly delicious, with a scrumptious graham cracker crust and a cheesecake filling that's as good as cheesecake six times the price.


3. Burger King Oreo Cookie Cheesecake

While Jack in the Box's cheesecake is rich in its simplicity, Burger King's Oreo cookie cheesecake is decadent and divine. It's chocolatey all the way through, thanks to its Oreo crust and cookie topping, with the right amount of cream cheese tang. Oreo and cheesecake are a tough combo to beat.


2. McDonald's Baked Apple Pie

McDonald's baked apple pie is the classic, and they're tough to resist. The crust has just the right amount of crispness, and the pie is actually full of apples. Thanks to the lattice design of the pies, they're always nice and warm, but enough heat can escape that you don't burn yourself. As far as fast food apple pies go, they're unbeatable.


1. Burger King Hershey's Sundae Pie

You wouldn't expect the ultimate fast food pie to come in a little cardboard container, but it does. It has a chocolate crust filled with chocolate mousse and whipped cream, and topped with chocolatey drizzle and chocolate chips. It wins the pie championships.

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