Our Definitive Ranking of the 7 Most Popular Fast Food Pizza Chains

Pizza is unquestionably the best food on earth.

Yummy mozzarella, rich marina, a crunchy crust and all the toppings you could want? There's just no beating that. In fact, few foods even come close to the all-around deliciousness of a piping hot box of this amazing meal.

However, not all pizzas are created equal, particularly in the fast food pizza world. And in an effort to find the ultimate fast food pizza king, we decided to rank the most well-known pie-shaped food chains.

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7. Little Caesar's

Little Caesar's had the right idea when it comes to truly fast pizza. Their pizzas are baked ahead of time, so you simply have to run in, pick one up and you're ready to chow down. Plus, their prices are super cheap. But despite all these positives, the actual pizza just misses the mark. Baking ahead of time means the pizza just isn't that fresh, resulting in cheese and toppings that taste a little synthetic and kind of unappealing. Little Caesar's is great if you're in a rush and need pizza now, but other than that it's definitely not our top choice.

6. Papa John's

There's not a lot to complain about when it comes to Papa John's, but there's also not a lot to love. In all honesty, their pizzas are just so-so. They seem a little thrown together with ingredients that definitely aren't of the highest quality imaginable. Their classic pizza options are a total letdown, and their speciality pies don't really offer anything we haven't seen before. Overall, Papa John's is just a little "meh."

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5. Papa Murphy's

Objectively, Papa Murphy's is pretty good pizza. There are plenty of options to choose from and all kinds of delicious toppings to fill your belly. But while the Take N' Bake option is truly innovative, sometimes it's more work than we're willing to put in for our pizza. If we want fast and easy, it's pretty annoying to go pick up the pizza and then still factor in extra time to watch it bake at home. When there are so many options for pizza that's already ready to eat, Papa Murphy's isn't going to be the first to get our business.

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4. Pizza Hut

If you're preparing to dive into a fast, cheap and delicious pizza, it's pretty hard to find a better option than Pizza Hut. They're on the lower-end price-wise and they still pack more flavor than some other pizza chains. Plus, they always have fun extra options, like cheesy bites or a s'mores pizza cookie. You're definitely not getting top-tier food with the Hut, but you're getting something reliable and enjoyable to eat. And if it's decent-tasting pizza we're not going to be mad about it.

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3. Round Table

Ah, Round Table—now we're getting to some really delicious pies. The real difference about this chain is that they make their dough fresh in store each day—none of this frozen nonsense for these guys. Beyond that, they also use pretty high-quality toppings, and you can definitely taste the difference from some of the less expensive pizza chains. They have some pretty flavorful specialty options, and plenty of sides and salads to add on. We've never been disappointed with a Round Table pizza, pushing them up to No. 3 on our list.

2. Godfather's Pizza

Godfather's Pizza is everything we need out of a pie-shaped food. The pizzas are well-baked with toppings that taste fresh and delicious, making  their classic options awesome. However, what really pushes them ahead is their willingness to step outside of the pizza box. They offer a taco pizza, a buffalo chicken option and a variety of dessert pizzas. Everything is fresh-baked and just all-around yummy, obviously moving Godfather's up to No. 2 on our list.

1. Domino's

Although it might not be the highest quality option on this list, Domino's pizza is just plain good. They have plenty of options, including a truly delicious thin crust (a personal fave), hand tossed and Brooklyn style. Plus, you can also get sandwiches, pasta, wings, sides and desserts all right to your door. It's delicious and not too rough on your bank account, which is exactly what we want from fast and easy pizza.

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