Have a 'Fate Line'? Here's What You Can Find Out About Your Destiny From Your Palm

Not everyone has a fate line on each of their palms, but those who do can use them as a fun way to predict their fortunes.

The fate line is allegedly a marker of how deeply your life path will be influenced by outside forces. It's a long, vertical line typically beginning at the bottom of your palm, as indicated by the blue line below.

Palmistry fate line

To begin your palmistry journey, you should first pick a hand to analyze. Many people believe that your dominant hand represents your past and present and that the other hand shows the potential for what could be. In the end, you may want to analyze both hands and combine the interpretations for a more complete look at your life.

Most readings of the fate line have to do with their positioning to the life line, which typically starts between your thumb and index finger and runs to the bottom of your palm. You may discover that you have very faint fate lines, a fate line on only one hand, or none at all. This may simply mean that your fate is entirely in your own hands—but the interpretation is up to you.



If your fate line begins at the bottom of your life line, that's a sign that you're very independent and that you'll have to take action to succeed. Luckily for you, you've always been motivated and had great ideas, so it won't be too difficult to get the outcome you desire.

Palmistry fate line starting at beginning of life line



If your fate line touches the life line somewhere in the center, it means that your life will involve a lot of give and take. There will be times in your life when you'll be greatly supported by others, and other times when you'll have to make sacrifices to help the people who helped you. In the end, learning to make concessions will benefit everyone involved.

Palmistry fate line joining life line in the center


A Little Help From My Friends

If your fate line starts underneath your lief line and crosses through it, that means people close to you will always have your back. You can depend on the support of your family and friends whatever you need it—but that doesn't mean you should rely on them completely. You should use their help when needed and always return the favor.

Palmistry fate line crossing life line


Destiny Calls

If you have a deep, strong fate line running down your palm, it means fate is a strong force in your life. Many things in your life will be out of your hands, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you can learn to roll with the punches and react properly to unavoidable unpleasantries, you'll also find good fortune coming your way.

Palmistry fate line deep in palm


Change Is Coming

If your fate line is made up of two or more broken lines rather than one strong line, it means that forces outside your control will result in many changes over the course of your life. If this stresses you out, it shouldn't—change can result in opportunities you never imagined. If things aren't going your way, know that they won't be the same forever.

Palmistry fate line broken and face opposite directions


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