15 Cringe-Worthy but Funny Dad Jokes in Honor of Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 18th, and in honor of your No. 1 man, we've rounded up 15 jokes that perfectly encompass dad humor.

Riley and Cory from Girl Meets World

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)

Although each and every one of these jokes is cringe-worthy at best, we're sure they'll make you smile and remind you just why you love your goober of a father.


1. This high voltage joke⚡:


2. This SEAmingly silly quip:


3. This kitty pun:


4. This nerdy jab????:


5. This almost LOL-worthy pun:


6. This clever lil guy:


7. This classic:


8. This joke that could only come out of a dad's mouth:


9. This one-liner that actually does have us laughing:


10. This timeless pun:


11. This line that's so bad it's good:


12. This joke that is actually a masterpiece:


13. This cheesy pun:


14. This joke that's good enough to repeat:


15. And this hilarious little Twitter jab:


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