The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad

Our dads do so much, so when their special day rolls around each year, it's important to show them how much they mean to us!

This Father's Day, with the country slowly reopening after quarantine, there are many more opportunities for us to shower our dads with love and gifts.

Not sure what to get for him? Keep scrolling for the ultimate Father's Day gift guide:

For the Stylish Dad

Talentless Men's Premium Circle Logo Hoodie: $124

If your dad dresses on edgier side, Talentless is about to become his new favorite brand. This casual hoodie is great for lounging around in style, especially while we're still stuck indoors.

talentless hoodie

(via Talentless)


Lulu Dharma Brown Vegan Leather Weekender Bag: $90

When your family gets the opportunity to travel again, do it in style! Your dad will like this unisex-style weekender bag by Lulu Dharma, as it's great for short weekend travels, carry-ons for the plane and more.

weekender bag

(via Lulu Dharma)


Daniel Patrick X Adidas Harden Shorts: $130

Since these days are all about comfort, gift your dad with some cozy shorts. He'll love this stylish collab from Daniel Patrick and Adidas. Whether he plans on working out or simply hanging out, he'll be sure to look good doing it!

men's shorts

(via Daniel Patrick)


Buttercloth Black Dawn Shirt: $98

If there's one thing that some dads never learn, it's how to iron their shirts. But what if they didn't have to do that? With Buttercloth, the fabric is anti-wrinkle, so they'll never have to worry about it again.

men's shirt

(via Buttercloth)


For the Fit Dad

Balanced Body MOTR: $349

Since we can't always make it to a workout class or just don't feel like leaving the house, an at-home workout device is an absolute must. If your dad is into pilates, he'll completely obsess over this MOTR machine!


(via Pilates)


Exogun DreamPro: $159 (originally $599!)

This muscle massager will be a family favorite. Your dad will appreciate it the most, especially if he gets injured or sore a lot. Whether it's a workout-related incident or he slept on his neck wrong, this bad boy will get the job done.


(via Exogun)


BlendJet One: $39.95

For the dad who's constantly on the go, a BlendJet is a total must. If he's into fitness, this portable blender is great for making protein shakes and the like! It's chargeable, so he won't need to plug it into an outlet.

blend jet

(via BlendJet)


Frenchie Bulldog Reversible Snakeskin Harness: $32.99

If you have a family dog, we're willing to bet your fitness-focused dad takes it out on walks all the time. We love this reversible harness from Frenchie Bulldog, and your dad will, too! It's fashionable and sturdy enough for long walks and runs.

dog harness

(via Frenchie Bulldog)


For the Chef Dad

Gardyn Hero Two-Year Membership: $69/month

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work come to fruition. With this indoor plant grower, your dad will be able to plant herbs and the like to be used fresh in the kitchen! There's a great amount of plant varieties to choose from.


(via My Gardyn)


Fissler Adamant Wok With High Metal Lid: $229.99

One of the most annoying things about cooking is dealing with the cleanup. No need to worry—this wok makes it much easier! Due to its scratch-resistant and nonstick properties, cooking and cleaning will be easier than ever. We know this is a steep spend, so gather up everyone else in the fam and go in on it together!


(via Fissler)


Knively Knives: $59.95-$169.95

Presentation is key to a good meal, which is where a good knife comes into play. A dull, rusted knife will never get the job done, but with Knively, you're sure to get a sharp cut and slice every single time.


(via Knively)


Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Father's Day Gift Box: $59.99

Who doesn't like soft pretzels? We know your dad will drool over these delicious bites, meant to be baked in the comfort of your own home. This gift box is full of gourmet salts, pretzels, swag and more!


(via E.S. Provisions)


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