8 Father's Day Gift Ideas That You and Dad Can Use Together!

Stuck on what to get dad this Father's Day? We've got your back!

These gifts are not only great for dad, but there's a little something in it for you as well. Keep scrolling to see what we mean!

Daughter on dad's shoulders

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1. Father-Daughter Pizza Shirts: $37.99

Yes, these shirts have pizza on them and yes, you and your dad need them. Become the perfect #pizzacrew with these matching "piece of the pie" tees.

Father and daughter matching pizza shirts

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2. Hammock: $25.49

Because everyone needs a little time to kick back and relax, why not get dad a cool hammock for the backyard? You can both lay out together, catch some rays and reminisce on the day he took you home from the hospital after you were born (aww).

A blue and green hammock from Target

(via Target)


3. Dog Phone Cases: $26.99

These adorably goofy dog phone cases are perfect for you and the number one man in your life (dad, of course!).

Two phone cases with adorable dogs in beanies

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 4. A Meal from Chef'd: Prices Vary

If you and your dad are major foodies, this is the perfect (and shockingly affordable) gift for you! Chef'd allows you to select from a variety of recipes brought to you by famous chefs and have all the ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep so you can prepare the meal yourself! Your dad will love the food you prep (or, heck, you guys can assemble these amazing dishes together)! We've successfully made Chris Santos' scrumptious Wasabi Pea-Crusted Salmon, but check out all the recipes they have here.

Screenshot of recipes you can make for your dad form Chefd.com

(via Chef'd)


5. Badminton Set: $23.99

Backyard sports are the best, so it's time you invested in this awesome badminton set. It includes everything you'll need for a day of serious fun with dad this summer.

Badminton set from Target

(via Target)


6. Dad-Daughter Necklace & Keychain Set: $15.00

This adorable father-daughter necklace and keychain set is the perfect way to keep each other close to the heart at all times.

Dad and daughter etsy keychain

(via Etsy)


7. Double Lounge Chair Pool Raft: $24.50

Yep, your pool inflatable game just got 10 times stronger. Float away on this boat of awesome with dad all day long because this raft fits not one, but two people.

Two person pool float for the summer

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8. Headphone Connector: $7.99

This gift is small and simple, but if you and your dad are music addicts like we are, you're going to need this in your lives. Two pairs of headphones, one listening device=pure magic.

Headphone connector from Office Depot

(via Office Depot)


These are all amazing gifts for dad, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right? We're looking at these high-tech phone cases that are a definite must-have this summer.