Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Will ACTUALLY Use

Father's Day is on June 20, and if you have yet to get your dad something, now is the time!

Dads put up with a lot of stuff, which is why we love spoiling them on Father's Day each and every year. But the issue is always what to gt them. Do you make something homemade? Take them on a trip? Get something funny off Amazon? There are so many options!

We decided to round up gifts for a few types of dads—the active dad, the zen dad, the stressed dad and the foodie dad. If any of these remind you of the father figure in your life, keep scrolling to see the Father's Day gifts he'll actually use.

For the Active Dad:

The Pivot and The Universal Tray: $69.99 and $109.99

If your dad has a Peloton, get him The Pivot or The Universal Tray from Tom Form Design for an upgrade. If he has an older version of the Peloton, The Pivot will enable him to move the screen so he can do all sorts of other workouts. The Universal Tray, on the other hand, can be used with all sorts of stationary bikes. It's great if he wants to read or get some work done while working out. These gifts are the types that will keep on giving throughout the year. Not to mention, you can use them, too!



(via Top Form Design)


Cooling Cuff: $34.95

Some dads sweat a lot after hitting up the gym, going on a run or doing some other sort of physical activity. If this sounds like your dad, get him the cooling cuff. It's unlike anything we've ever heard of but is so cool. Basically, it lowers your body temperature in a quick and safe manner, and can even be used during workouts. This sounds like something we might want to get for ourselves, too.


(via Amazon)


For the Zen Dad:

Emilie Heathe Calmez-Vous Candle: $58

If you have a "chill" dad or one that likes to zen out, we guarantee he'll appreciate a luxury candle like this one from Emilie Heathe. It comes in a masculine black container and smells of palo santo, patchouli and coconut. We think your dad will light this baby up any time he opens a book or goes to bed.


(via Emilie Heathe)


Blue Grass Hive & Honey Mint Julep Bear Grooming Gift Set: $36.99

Some dads are so chill that they don't put much effort into their appearances. That's all fun and games until his beard gets out of control! This gift set from Blue Grass Hive & Honey is the gentle reminder he needs to tidy up. The set comes with beard balm, beard oil and a sandalwood comb or a beard brush.


(via Blue Grass Hive & Honey)


For the Stressed Dad:

Sound of Sleep LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine: $49.95

If you have a big family, or even just a loud one, we're willing to bet your dad deserves a perfect night's sleep. This white noise sound machine from Sound of Sleep will help him with just that. With different frequencies to choose from, he'll be able to tailor it to his needs. Plus, this can also be used for when he's reading or just needs a moment of silence.


(via Sound of Sleep)


Einova Wireless Charging Stone: $59.99

If your dad has a desk job or works from home, he probably has all sorts of cords and wires all over his desk. Help him tidy it up with this super innovative charging stone. Instead of having to plug a cord into his actual phone, all he has to do is rest his phone on the stone and bam, it starts charging. There are all sorts of stones to choose from, but we really like ths lava one.


(via Einova)


For the Foodie Dad:

Meater Plus With Bluetooth Repeater: $99

It's pretty much a requirement for all dads to be grill masters, right? Whether your dad has completely mastered the art of grilling or he's a rookie, this meat thermometer is exactly what he's been missing. With Bluetooth capability, he can check from his phone to see whether or not the food is ready. This is a total game-changer and a gift he will love.


(via Meater)


Verve Culture Thai Chef's Moon Knife: $70

Another item dads can't go without in the kitchen or at the grill is a sharp, sturdy knife. This one from Verve Culture was crafted and passed down through the generations, and you can just tell how much thought and care went into the design. Made from carbon steel, this knife can cut through something even as sharp as bone—amazing!


(via Verve Culture)


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