Create Cute Faux Freckles With These 6 Easy Steps

I never thought I'd be writing this, but freckles are totally having a moment right now!

As someone who grew up with a face full of freckles (and hated every minute of it prior to my 18th birthday), it kind of startled me that not only are freckles cool, people are drawing them in ????!

Girl with pale skin and freckles

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I'll let you in on a little secret, I was teased and made fun of for my pale skin and freckles (and glasses) all throughout middle school, so I write this piece with a slight grin on my face to all the former haters out there! After all, it's our differences that make us unique and beautiful. See below for a slightly embarrassing childhood pic of me.

Young Allison McNamara with freckles and glasses

Nowadays, I love my freckles and usually opt to wear really sheer makeup to let them shine through. However, even if you weren't genetically *blessed* with angel kisses, I've got a step-by-step tutorial on how to create faux freckles.

Step 1: Start With Normal Face Makeup

Start off by applying your makeup as you would normally. Your faux freckles should be the last step in your makeup routine.


Step 2: Set Your Makeup

Set your face makeup with a setting spray to hold your makeup in place so your faux freckles don't slide around! We like NYX setting spray ($8).


Step 3: Grab a Spoolie and Loosen Shadow

Take a spoolie—that little brush on the opposite end of your brow pencil or brow brush—and use it to finely scrape off a little bit of dark brown eyeshadow, turning it into brown dust!

Tip: make sure you are using a matte dark brown (no sparkles) and don't break up too much of your shadow!


Step 4: Apply Your Freckles!

Scoop the brown eyeshadow dust onto a brush, and use your finger to flick and disperse the brown shadow over your nose and cheeks. Flicking it on with a brush keeps it looking really natural.

Makeup brush with powder on it

Chantel Jeffries tapping powder on her face to make faux freckles

(via Youtube: Chantal Jeffries)


Step 5: Add Additional Freckles With Brow Pencil

After using your brown eyeshadow powder, use a dark brown brow pencil or lip liner to add in any additional freckles. This is great to fill in areas you may have missed! Also, if you have any natural freckles or moles, use your pencil to darken those as well. Note: at this step, the faux freckles will still be really dark.


Step 6: Use Foundation to Lighten Freckles

Take a small amount of your regular foundation and use a flat foundation brush to lightly tap foundation over your faux freckles. Keep repeating this step until your freckles look the right color, which is really up to you!


Chantel Jeffries with foundation brush and faux freckles

(via Youtube: Chantel Jeffries)

And voila, you've got your own faux freckles!


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