What Your Favorite Early '00s Trend Says About You

Taylor Swift may sing about coming back stronger than a '90s trend, but where is the love of the early aughts? It was a time when the smell of teen spirit was masked by Britney Spears' Curious and flannel shirts were traded in for velour tracksuits.

Some may claim that the early '00s was a fashion dead zone, where outrageous trends ran wild for only the briefest period of time, never to be repeated again. And some may be right, especially when it comes to things like those always-itchy popcorn shirts. (If you know, you know.)

However, just because you may not let '00s fashion take over your whole wardrobe in the way that, say, we've let bike shorts return from the '80s, doesn't mean that there's no trend from this time period that's worthless. In fact, there's likely one that you may be able to get behind—yes, even now.

Here's what your favorite '00s trend says about you…

Belt Chains

Think of these as necklaces for your pants. They served zero function.

If this is your favorite '00s trend, you like to think of yourself as edgier than your friends probably perceive you to be. You like possessing a contrarian viewpoint, but wouldn't dare to like, actually break any rules. You always text your parents back right away, but sometimes you add in an eyeroll emoji.


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Newsboy Hats & Fedoras

If this is your favorite trend, you loved Emily in Paris so much that you're currently researching summer abroad programs. You already have your new Instagram handle for your travel pics locked in.


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Dresses Over Jeans


You love boho style, but mostly, you just hate, hate, hate being cold.


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Layered Shirts


If this is your favorite trend, you are famously indecisive. People hate asking you what you want to do for your birthday because one moment you're thinking laser tag, and another you're considering a camping trip.


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Blue Eyeshadow

Some people may say you're a little extra, but you like to think you're just fun. You don't believe in waiting to text your crush back and have gone viral on TikTok several times now.


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Chunky Necklaces

You're the mom of your group of friends and always give great, practical advice. You like to be straight to the point and hate wasting your time with subtlety—which is why you wouldn't be caught dead rocking a dainty necklace that would fall into your shirt, never to be seen by anyone.


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Micro Vests

If this is the trend you wish never died, you secretly wanted to date someone in a band, then decided that you wanted to just be in the band. Hopefully, you started that band!


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