2021 Oscars Outfits We're STILL Thinking About

Oscars season may be over, but Oscars fashion never ends.

The Oscars are unquestionably one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year. Even though we are still in a pandemic, actors and actresses from all over the world gathered at this glamorous event this year, showing a sense of normalcy in this unprecedented time. We know that the Oscars are not just about showing appreciation for the exceptional work these actors, actresses and filmmakers have done, but also for the prominent and iconic fashion on the red carpet. Among all these fascinating red carpet outfits, there are five of them that stood out to us that we are still talking about.

Regina King

This dress immediately caught our eye. The breath-taking Louis Vuitton piece was the result of the combination of 62,000 sequins, 8,400 pale and dark tone sparkling stones, 80 meters of chain stitching and 140 hours of hard work. The silver tone was the perfect complementary color to the pale blue satin dress, which featured bewitching ruffled shoulders to complete this ethereal look that went especially well with Regina's skin tone.


Lakeith Stanfield

This unconventional suit was a fusion of traditional suit and jumpsuit, and we were captivated by the glory of it. The shape of the lapels, the black leather belt, the pockets, the slightly tinted shades, the black nail polish, the wide-leg pants—all of these elements led to an unforgettable moment of men's fashion in red carpet history.



Tiara Thomas

We have been so accustomed to seeing women in extraordinary dresses on the Oscars Red Carpet, which makes women in jumpsuits a very refreshing scene. After a dull and challenging year of 2020, 2021 deserves a "wow" moment even if it's just on the red carpet—and Tiara delivered just that. The plunging neckline of this statement Jovana Louis white top made way for the H.Dayan & Co. lariat necklace, showing off her décolletage. The top subtly connects to the flared white pants, which goes perfectly with the feathery oversized blazer and showed the power she had in this outfit.




Going along with the jumpsuit theme, H.E.R. presented us her enchanting look with this purple Dundas jumpsuit with a hooded cape, which was delicately made and covered in lyric motifs. She accessorized with purple-tinted sunglasses and Chopard jewelry to complete the look.



Margot Robbie

Margot attended this year's Oscars with her gorgeous gunmetal Chanel gown and Chanel clutch. Her loosely tied hair and Chanel pearl earrings made a great combination as she emanated elegance walking down the red carpet.


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