Our Fave Athleisure Brands ATM

Since the start of quarantine, we've taken the idea of comfort to a whole new level.

Instead of getting dressed every day for school or work, we now participate in these daily activities from the comfort of our own home. So why would we spend time putting together an outfit no one will ever see?

We're all about staying comfy and cute, and have been on the hunt for the best brands. With so many to sift through, we were finally able to narrow down the best of the best. Keep reading to find out all about our fave athleisure brands at the moment.

Beyond Yoga

When it comes to finding matching workout sets, Beyond Yoga is always our first stop. From cactus print to animal print to floral—basically anything you can conjure up—they have it. In addition to some pretty adorable sets, the fabric itself is seriously buttery soft. It melts against your skin and is great to wear during a workout or lounging around. We dare you to try this brand out and not feel like your best self.

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We recently tried out Hylete, and boy are we hooked. If you're super into fitness, this is the brand for you. Their materials are perfect for getting your sweat on, while also maintaining a chic look. There are plenty of options for all sorts of weather, too. So, if you live somewhere cold, somewhere hot, or somewhere in the middle, they've got you covered.

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Tavi Noir

If you like shopping brands that are eco-conscious, you need to take a look at Tavi Noir. Their materials are made with organic cotton, meaning it's good for the environment and crazy soft. We're personally into the dancer vibe the brand gives off. We think of it as "ballerina off-duty," and tbh, that's a vibe we always like. From leggings to grippy socks, they have it all.

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Bombshell Sportswear

When it comes to athleisure brands that take fashion to a new level, Bombshell Sportswear has done just that. While creating fitness-worthy clothes is obviously a priority for the brand, they also believe in making pieces women will feel good in. You know that feeling when you get new clothes and you want to wear them right away? That's exactly what will happen when you try out Bombshell.

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A lot of people are hesitant to try out Fabletics because of the membership aspect, but we don't think that should deter you. You can skip a month whenever you want, so you don't have to worry about constantly paying a fee. Truthfully, their clothes are just out of this world. The materials, designs and overall feel of it all is everything you'd ever want in athleisure wear.

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Alo Yoga

While Alo Yoga is definitely on the pricier side, it is so worth it. If you consider yourself to be a yogi, or truly just like doing any sort of activity that makes you sweat, you need to give Alo a go. Men and women alike fall for this brand the second they try it out, and for good reason. From the materials to the colors to the fit, it's all a dream.

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Chances are you've seen Gymshark on your feed, worn by your fave fitness influencers. It's definitely the go-to brand for anyone on a major fitness journey. Plus, the price points are super affordable. From biker shorts to sports bras that will actually provide you with support, they offer everything you'll ever need.

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