What Your Favorite Celebrity Perfume Says About You

It's the accessory no one can see. The perfume you wear has the ability to change your mood, wake you up and even bring people closer to you. If you've ever worn a new scent and had people inevitably sniff you, well, you get it.

Celebrities have been getting into the scent game for years now, but unlike a clothing line, the goal of these perfumes isn't to make you look like your favorite star. Instead, is allows you to embody a different overall vibe. Scent, after all, is one of our most powerful senses.

That's why your choice of celebrity perfume can actually say a lot about you. What vibe do you want to evoke? Read below to find what your favorite celebrity perfume says about you.

Royal Revolution by Katy Perry

You love to roll up to a party late with an epic story to tell. You are so chatty that you regularly befriend waiters at restaurants and the front desk worker at all your boutique fitness classes. Of course, because your social life is always buzzing, it can be a little hard for people to lock you down for plans, but you always try to make time.


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Heat Kissed by Beyoncé

You should be proud of yourself: You really have it together. Whether you're balancing a leading role in the school play with a packed AP course load, you never stress about your full calendar. People who can't keep up with your lifestyle simply will fall by the wayside, and that's okay.


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Fantasy, Britney Spears

You're an unapologetic flirt, but you would never put a romantic interest above your friends. You're incredibly loyal to the people you love, give the best hugs, and always have candy on hand.


Cloud by Ariana Grande

You are an artsy dreamer who constantly impresses people with your big, bold, beautiful ideas. You may be accused of being a little spacey at times, but those who know you best realize that letting your mind wander is how you get your creativity flowing.


Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

You are wildly confident, and friends go to you for advice constantly because they know you're going to tell them something tough-but-necessary in order to live your best life. You know never to judge a book by its cover and have friends from a million different social circles because of it.


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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Though you are an introvert whose favorite pastime is reading by a roaring fire, you are also generous and warm. You would literally give your friends the scarf around your neck, because you can always knit yourself another one.

Sara Jessica PArker

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Fame by Lady Gaga

You are an individual, a totally unique creative who is only happy when you're working on something new. You change your style so frequently sometimes friends don't even recognize you when you show up to school.

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance

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