What Your Favorite Kind of Chocolate Reveals About Your Personality

National Chocolate Day is tomorrow, Oct. 28, but we're starting things a little early by indulging in our fave chocolates.

Which kind of chocolate speaks to you? Find your favorite in this list to find out what it reveals about your personality.



Milk Chocolate

If you can't get enough of milk chocolate, you're typically a friendly and happy person. You're versatile and deal with situations as they happen. You find satisfaction in the simplicity and don't need anything too expensive or fancy to be content.


Dark Chocolate

If dark chocolate is your go-to, you tend to be the mom of your friend group. You're a little more mature than your peers, and you look after people and make sure they don't get into too much trouble. You're willing to try new things or give things a second chance.


White Chocolate

If you love white chocolate, you're not afraid to be a little different from everyone else. You walk the unbeaten path and make decisions based on how you feel, not what you think you should choose. Once you've made up your mind, nobody can change it. You always do you.


Hot Chocolate

If you find hot chocolate to be the best chocolate of all, you're someone who enjoys the small comforts of life. You like to pamper yourself, taking long baths and getting manicures as often as you get the chance because they put you at ease. You prefer bundling up in the cold, as opposed to enjoying warm, sunny days.

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If fudge is your favorite form of chocolate, you love special occasions and the opportunity to treat yourself. You don't indulge in your favorites all the time, but when you do, you go all out. You're willing to put in a little extra effort for someone special in your life.

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Mint Chocolate

If you drool at the thought of eating mint chocolate, you like to stir things up. You're not afraid to have a controversial opinion or start a debate when you have a strong point of view—which is most of the time. You consider variety to be the spice of life.


Chocolate Syrup

If you love to drizzle everything with chocolate syrup, you're an optimist who always believes life is about to get a little better. You look on the bright side of things and are always willing to help cheer up a friend who's down. You're pretty funny, and you can usually put a smile on anyone's face.



If you love ganache over all other forms of chocolate, you have sophisticated tastes. You don't settle for anything but the best, and you're willing to splurge a little extra to get precisely what you want. You're a little extra, and you don't care who knows it.

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Hot Fudge

If you like to top everything with hot fudge, you treat everything like a celebration. Birthdays and other holidays are a big deal to you, and you always go all out for them. You also find little reasons to rejoice on the most average days to give you an excuse to be festive.


Ruby Chocolate

If you can't wait to get your hands on the newly discovered ruby chocolate, you're always up to date on the latest fashion and beauty trends and try to be first in everything you do. In order to avoid FOMO, you have as many experiences and experiment with as many things as possible.

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