This Is the Deep Truth Your Favorite Fast Food Place Reveals About You

Have we ever told you how much we love fast food?

It's easy, cheap and disgustingly delicious—what more could you want from a meal? But while every fast food restaurant has their unique features that make them lovable in their own way, everyone has a preferred spot to grab a quick meal. And it just so happens that your favorite chain restaurant can actually reveal quite a bit about your personality.

Wondering what deep truth your favorite fast food place reveals about you? Keep scrolling to find out.


If McDonald's is your go-to fast food option, you're quite the little traditionalist. You're not big on stepping out of the box, and instead you prefer to follow tried and true methods to achieve your goals. You wouldn't say adventure is unappealing, but you have no problem sticking to your schedule. After all, consistency is key.

Burger King

If Burger King is your favorite fast food place, you're definitely the comedian of your friend group. You appreciate a little sarcasm and you're not afraid to make fun of yourself and the people you care about. Not to fear, though—everyone knows it's all in good fun and they appreciate the lighthearted laughter that you bring to every situation.

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Taco Bell

If you love Taco Bell, you know the importance of appearances. You're quite the fashionista, always keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring that you look on-point, even if you're just running to the grocery store. You're not shallow, you just like to put your best face forward. After all, if it looks like Mexican food and tastes like Mexican food, then it's probably Mexican food.

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With Chick-fil-A as your go-to fast food chain, kindness ranks pretty high on your list of priorities. You truly believe that a thoughtful and considerate nature is the best way to accomplish your goals. And more than achieving what you want, you also just genuinely enjoy caring for the people around you. You find fulfillment through a selfless approach to the world, which means that people usually treat you pretty well in return.

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Carl's Jr.

If you're a Carl's Jr. fan, you're quite the innovative individual. You don't care what everyone else likes—you like to make your own path and draw your own conclusions. You'll research and experiment until you find exactly what works for you, and once you have your opinions in place you won't easily change them.



You're basically fearless, bold Chipotle-lovers. You don't get scared of anything—whether it be a giant spider or an E.coli breakout, you're not one to back down from a challenge. You know what you like and nothing will convince you otherwise. Your strong conviction in your decisions will definitely serve you well.


Panda Express

If Panda Express is your go-to, you have quite a powerful personality. You don't like to settle for anything uninteresting, whether in your food or in your overall lifestyle. A passionate approach is the only way you know how to do things, leading to a life filled with intensity and adventure. Things will never be boring with you, that's for sure.



If Wendy's is your fave fast food, family is definitely your utmost priority. You much prefer a laid-back family lifestyle to any sort of party scene, meaning you're quite the little homebody. It doesn't matter to you, though. You've found people who fit your quiet life and you're totally content embracing your chill habits.



With your love for KFC's comfort food, it's understandable that you're a pretty laid-back person. You like to go with the flow and see where things take you, and you're not at all prone to freaking out over tiny details. You're pretty content with the state of your life the majority of the time, and when things do get under your skin, you take solace in the belief that everything will work itself out eventually.



If Subway is your fast food favorite, you're a total social butterfly. You love to be surrounded by people you care about, and much prefer spending time with friends to soaking in your time alone. You're a supportive and loving companion, always trying to provide the people you care about with everything they need to achieve their goals. Everyone could use a pal like you.

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Dairy Queen

Oh, Dairy Queen-lovers. Much like the home of the blizzard, you're a complicated individual with a sweet side that dominates your personality. Sure, you might get a salty now and then, but you're most known for your pleasant and agreeable persona. You make people feel comfortable and accepted, meaning you're deeply loved by almost everyone you meet.

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In-N-Out Burger

If you love In-N-Out, you have to know you're all about exclusivity and status. You love to chase the finer things in life, genuinely believing things that are rarer are obviously more valuable. And you're not wrong—there's an inherent worth to things you can't get just anywhere, and understanding that fact gives you a special appreciation for everything in your life (including a yummy In-N-Out burger).

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